Whiskey Bomb, Jasmine Caramel & Passion Fruit Caramel

Pros: Each caramel is individually wrapped which makes it easy to share and cute to gift. The boxes are pleasing to the eye and have a good amount of caramels in each. The Whiskey Bomb caramel is sweet and you get a good hint of whiskey flavor.  The Jasmine caramel was our favorite it had a good amount of jasmine but was not overwhelming. We really liked the texture of this one and it wasn’t overly sweet.  Passion Fruit caramel you definitely got the flavor of the passion fruit coming through. They are definitely using real fruit for this caramel.

Cons:  In the Whiskey Bomb caramel the salt wasn’t as prevalent as we would have wanted, the whiskey really took over the flavor pallet.  The Passion Fruit caramel texture was a little off for us.  Since they are clearly using real fruit (this being a pro), the texture is a little softer and fruity than a traditional caramel texture.  You also may run in to the crunch from a passion fruit seed.

Pro Tip: These caramels are out of Denver and make a great local gift.