Cuisinart ® 14-Cup Food Processor

Pros: This food processor is a great size to soups, salsas, hummus and other larger amounts.  It chops extremely well and it great when using for hot items or cold.  The simplicity of the buttons makes it easy to use, run, pulse, off.  The pulse helps to get items up top towards the bottom to chop.  You can keep soups/salsas on the chunkier side or make super smooth using the processor which is really nice depending on what we are making or what the ingredients entail. 

Cons: It is large to store.

Hellemae’s Caramels

Hellemae’s Caramels

Whiskey Bomb, Jasmine Caramel & Passion Fruit Caramel

Pros: Each caramel is individually wrapped which makes it easy to share and cute to gift. The boxes are pleasing to the eye and have a good amount of caramels in each. The Whiskey Bomb caramel is sweet and you get a good hint of whiskey flavor.  The Jasmine caramel was our favorite it had a good amount of jasmine but was not overwhelming. We really liked the texture of this one and it wasn’t overly sweet.  Passion Fruit caramel you definitely got the flavor of the passion fruit coming through. They are definitely using real fruit for this caramel.

Cons:  In the Whiskey Bomb caramel the salt wasn’t as prevalent as we would have wanted, the whiskey really took over the flavor pallet.  The Passion Fruit caramel texture was a little off for us.  Since they are clearly using real fruit (this being a pro), the texture is a little softer and fruity than a traditional caramel texture.  You also may run in to the crunch from a passion fruit seed.

Pro Tip: These caramels are out of Denver and make a great local gift.


Mother's Day Giveaway

This giveaway is to highlight all of the special Mothers out there.  To show our appreciation we thought what better way than to bring together a handful of some of our favorites foodies (and a plant lady) to gift one of those awesome ladies!  We wanted to highlight each business and why we picked them for this special giveaway.


Seed and Stone

Seed and Stone has stunning concrete planters in such fun colors and great shapes.  We personally love their products and could not pass up the opportunity to work with them.  We know we do food, but plants are also food and we are big plant people and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with such beauty.

Maxline Brewing

We love these guys, but really, who doesn’t! This brewery since day one has stood out with its killer customer service, fun atmosphere, amazing community outreach and delicious beers.  If Mom hasn’t been, she sure should go!

Wander Coffee

We have been following these guys since the beginning, the coffee is so great and truly our choice to drink at home.  After loving their product, our friendship began! Megan being an amazing Mother of two herself couldn’t have been a better choice for this giveaway, and let’s be honest, every Mom needs her coffee!

Savoring Fort Collins

We are surrounded by amazing women in our community and really wanted to do something nice and hear everyone’s awesome stories about their friends and families and thought what better way than to give back some of our favorite things.  We really hope everyone enjoys this giveaway as much as we do.


Want to enter the giveaway? Visit our Instagram page at @savoringfortcollins.  The giveaway will include two planters from Seed and Stone, one growler fill, one crowler fill, and five free pints from Maxline Brewing, one ceramic mug and one travel mug and 3 bags of coffee from Wander Coffee, two coozies, one adorable kitchen towel and if local, a gift card to a local nursery from Savoring Fort Collins.  Shipping only within the United States if won.


Stasher Bag, LunchSkins vs. Ziploc Bag

Stasher Bag

Pros: These bags are reusable and have a tight seal. It is nice that you can wash it in the dishwasher (we have had ones in the past that you washed in the washing machine).  Lots of places sell these bags so they are easy to get and they come in multiple sizes.  The price tag is spot on with reusable snack bags.  You can cook in them.

Cons: The look of the bag isn’t the most fun.


Pros: The bags are reusable and have fun patterns to them.  The prices are comparable to other snack bags.  They do have multiple sizes, which is nice as well.  These also can be simply cleaned in the dishwasher.

Cons: The spot for the name is kind of unnecessary, these bags aren’t just going in kids lunches, they are for the whole family.  There is no “seal” on these bags, they just have a Velcro closure so it makes it so air can get inside.

Ziploc Bags

Pros:  Inexpensive.  Comes in multiple sizes and the prices at a time are lower.

Cons: These are not made to be reusable so you can only reuse them so much.  After a while you are most likely spending as much on these as you would be the reusable bags.

Pro tip: We suggest investing in the stasher bag, overall we find them to be the best.  Besides the multiple sizes, the decent price point, these have the best seal and get the job done.

Teakoe Tea Supply Co.

Teakoe Tea Supply Co.

Pros: We love that besides you can brew your own they now have easy to go cans! It makes it convenient to take on the run or when we are doing yard work to just bring the can outside with us.  Since we make their teas ourselves it is also interesting to see how they make them taste like in comparison (steeping can be different sometimes).  The nitro factor is extremely interesting too on the Fairway (Arnold Palmer).

Cons:  Some of the flavors we like to mix which kind of defeats the simplicity of the can. 

Flavor tip: We do like the Pear and Pomegranate more than the Half & Half or Pineapple which is a personal preference. 

Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Mill


Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Mill

Pros:  You really get up close and personal to your coffee bean.  Grinding by hand gives you a level of control you don’t get from other grinders.  The ceramic burr mill will never rust or impart unwanted flavors to your grind.  You can adjust from very fine espresso to course French press relatively easy.  The grind is always a consistent size.  If you are a true coffee nut this is a great tool to have as a part of your morning ritual.

Cons:  It takes a little more time and effort to grind the beans.  If you are making a full 12 cup pot this grinder will take some work.

Pro tip: This grinder is easy for travel.