Location: 120 W Laurel St, Fort Collins, CO (Across from CSU)

Pros: This all vegan restaurant is stunning.  The decor is so fabulous, everywhere you look you see something new.  The food is equally as amazing.  Don't get us wrong, we are meat eaters, but this plant based restaurant knows what's going on.  The menu changes according to what is fresh and in season.  We have had great salads, soups as well as desserts and cannot wait to try our next meal here.  We suggest trying and sharing as much as you can here to get the full experience.  Do not be afraid to try something you haven't before because most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised here.  Besides being a sit down restaurant, they also have a to-go window. 

Cons: When the restaurant had a tough time and closed their doors it freaked us out a bit.  We hope to never witness this again but assume it could potentially happen.

Kid friendly: Our first time here we watched a little girl around the age of five keep begging her Dad to order more of the things off the menu because she thought it was so delicious so in my mind, that’s kid approved at its finest!