Location: 2724 McClellan Drive #190

Pros: The beer is spot on.  They have all of your favorite classics and more done extremely well.  The staff is super friendly and inviting.  The space is fun yet sophisticated and we love coming to hang out.  They have fun events such as Monday night Bingo (we are still bummed we have only won once) and delicious food trucks available often.  We really love all of the IPAs we have tried (if you are an avid follower you know this is a big deal) and the Woodchip Coffee Porter.  Don’t tell, but we have really grown to like Casey as our favorite!

Cons: Parking and finding a seat can sometimes be a problem but they are busy and that is a good problem to have.  They are expanding so truly they are already solving some of these issues; visit our blog to find out more.

Kid friendly: Bring your kids for foolishness, especially for Monday night Bingo.