More than just a corndog

More than just a corndog

When people ask me about John Lawyer, one word always comes to mind to describe him, passionate.  The Corndog King of Northern Colorado is so much more than a corndog slinger; he is an Asian inspired chef, as well as a flavor cuisine rock star whom just so happened to grow up in an Italian restaurant in Longmont, Colorado.

John actually started his journey in the food scene as early as thirteen working at an Italian place with his family.  He remembered growing up loving the kitchen and even asking for a blender for his birthday in 8th grade.

He started taking cooking seriously when living in Springfield, IL working in an Asian restaurant where he became the Sous Chef.  He ended up helping open a couple of Asian restaurants, learning the art of sushi and other delicious Asian cuisine until he was able to purchase his own restaurant.  Besides the typical cuisine he also loved experimenting adding pop rocks into his Firecracker roll long before it became a popular concept.

Once he realized it was time to come back to Colorado, John sold the business and went back to school for respiratory therapy.  As rewarding as this career was and still is for him, he missed the creative aspect he had with cooking and decided to jump back in the game.

John and his co-owner Natalie are big into cycling and one day were riding up Left Hand Canyon to Ward, CO when they noticed a street sign in the woods.  The street sign read, “Lickskillet Road” and they thought how awesome of a name that would be for a café one day.  Later, they made a fake restaurant on Facebook and started posting photos of the meals John was cooking for her and their friends and they started getting calls for reservations to their restaurant which is when the idea of the food truck was born (Lickskillet is now the name of John’s catering company).

They found the truck in Loveland, bought it, sat on it for a bit then finally gutted it and turned it into the famous Corndoggies truck we all know and love today.   This truck was not always going to be a corndogs truck but John knew he wanted to do a retro food and make it modern and Corndoggies was born.  They went to a white trash 4th of July party, pulled up in their new truck and jokingly made all of these mini dogs for their friends.  The joke ended up being on them because they were a huge hit and after more and more friends told them how much they loved them they realized, this was the food they needed to do with their truck.

As many of you can agree, Corndoggies is a much loved Fort Collins staple.  Just between you and us, a second Corndoggies truck is on the way! Personally, having been to a couple of John’s special dinners we cannot wait to see what this chef has up his sleeve in the world beyond corndogs.  Keep an eye and an ear out for their new ramen experience…

The Taste of Loveland

The Taste of Loveland

The Taste of Loveland has always been a favorite event of mine all the way back to when I used to work it for a local restaurant.  The number of booths when you walk in the door seem to stretch beyond your imagination.  Whether you’re a beer, wine, spirit enthusiast or just a lover of food this is definitely the event for you.  For only $45.00 a head you can have all the food and beverage you desire conveniently placed in a warm inviting atmosphere. 

When you first walk in the door you are greeted by the very friendly staff who then take you to choose your glassware, beer taster or wine taster.  While we chose the beer taster it does not limit you to only drinking beer.  You may rinse your glass and are free to enjoy the wonderful selection of wine and spirits at your disposal as well.  With glass in hand we were set loose on the droves of vendors spread across the floor.

One of our first stops and one of our favorites for a while was the wonderful brewery Crooked Stave.  We first discovered these guys at another local event and have been totally obsessed ever since.  They are a Denver based brewery that really excels in the sour beer game.  After hitting a couple more beer vendors we quickly realized we needed some food and quick.  The hardest part of the event is choosing your next culinary adventure.  As the tantalizing smell of chicken wings wafted passed our nostrils we knew that would be the perfect pairing to the satisfying suds we had in our hands.  Enter Wing Shack… now with locations all throughout Northern Colorado it has always been a favorite of ours.  The Garlic Hot wings went down quite nicely and we could have stayed there and continued to gorge on those tasty little birds but knew we had other people to see and food to eat. 

We next decided to switch it up and go on the hunt for some local spirits.  That’s the beauty of events like this, you can step out of your box and really get to try things you wouldn’t often try out on the streets.  We spotted a vendor hat we had heard many good things about from friends in the area, Dancing Pines.  They offered things like Chai Bourbon, Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur and Spiced Rum among many other tantalizing liquids that we had to avoid for the time being.  We were certainly not disappointed by any of them! 

Next we set out to find more food for our swimming bellies.  We spotted one of our favorite Loveland area eateries Door 222, always such a wonderful experience with them.  As we scanned the growing crowd of patrons and vendors we decided some artisan cheese and meets would do us right.  After cramming down some delicious charcuterie from surprising enough the one and only King Soopers we headed out to find something to satisfy our sweet tooth.  We headed over to a local favorite Donut Haus and enjoyed some classic but ever so tasty Chocolate iced donuts.  We chased the donut with a newly discovered favorite, Nooku Bourbon Cream.  So sweet and so much wonderful flavor in such a small glass.

Where else can you grab a plate of chicken wings, sushi rolls and donuts and chase it down with a tasty beer followed by a nip of your favorite liquor?  That is the joy and wonder that is The Taste of Loveland!

Hops + Vine Dinner

Hops + Vine Dinner

We made our way into Mainline Ale House and sat in the private glass window room with a great group of people.  Every table looked welcoming, and ready for the delicious foods and drinks to come.

Our first course included compressed fruit salad w/ fresh honeydew, pineapple, watermelon, balsamic caviar pearls paired with Perambulation Ale from Horse & Dragon Brewing and Big Easy Chenin Blanc from South Africa.  The compressed fruit looked luscious with amazing flavor and color. The balsamic caviar was a perfect touch.   The beer was absolutely wonderful, only made once a year and each generation being different always makes it interesting.  For an ale, it had a sour touch to it while still being refreshing, this is one we have to get our hands on again.   The Big Easy Chenin Blanc (a winery owned by the one and only Ernie Els) was also delicious and light with this delightful pairing.

For the second course we enjoyed pork belly steam buns, brown sugar pears and toasted pine nuts paired with Agitated Aardvark IPA from Horse & Dragon and Chime Pinot Noir, from California.  Claire has always wanted to try steam buns and boy did they not disappoint, so very tasty.  The brown sugar pears were a great touch with the pork belly.  The hops in the IPA were a great pairing with the mellow flavors of the sandwich and the Noir really complemented the buns as well.

The third course included Colorado lamb rack, curry whipped potato and charred romanesco paired with Scottish Tradesman Coconut Porter from Horse & Dragon and The Pundit Syrah, from Washington.  The curry whipped potatoes were the best.  The flavor of both the curry and potato came out nicely without overpowering the other, which made this a wonderful marriage of two foods.  Both drinks in the third course were delicious and really brought the meal together.

For the fourth and final course we had strawberry shortcake and white chocolate mousse paired with Citrus Fiesta from Horse & Dragon Brewing and 14 Hands Sparkling Rose from Washington.  The strawberry shortcake was served in a very inventive way, white chocolate mousse and jello making up the layers.  The Citrus Fiesta was on the sour side, which was great to cut the sugar and the 14 Hands Sparkling Rose was delicious and great on its own.

We ended the night after meeting some great new people and having the always wonderful feeling of a full satisfied belly.

Perfect Pairing: A night with the Moot House and Ballast Point Brewing

Perfect Pairing: A night with the Moot House and Ballast Point Brewing

As we walked into the Moot House, the English style pub, we were excited to see what the beer dinner with Ballast Point Brewing would bring.   It was a fun setting and a good opportunity to meet some new interesting people.

As we got to know each other, our first beer arrived at the table, Sculpin IPA.  A refreshing beer paired with one of our favorite dishes, Korean fried chicken, scallion guanchong gastrique, with a hoisin barbecure sauce.  The chicken was lightly breaded and the greens and sauce were delightful together with the beer.

The next brew delivered to our table was a blackberry sour winch.  This was our favorite beer of the evening.  Served beautifully to our table was diver sea scallop, pea shoots, blackberry reduction, with fennel essence.  The scallop was cooked perfectly and the thick piece of bacon was a wonderful surprise hiding beneath.  It really mellowed out the tartness of the sour beer making it a great match.

The following beer was Manta Ray, an employee competition made IPA.  This tasty beer was paired with the most surprising and delicious dish of the evening, bhuna gost, Colorado lamb, tap root puree and mint chutney.  This was an amazing dish resembling a stew that was definitely a highlight.

Next up, Bourbon Barrel Aged Tongue Buckler (a great name for a beer) paired with maple leaf duck, “cascabel” butter, accompanied with maytag blue cheese polenta.  The sauce on the duck was delicious and paired nicely with the blue cheese polenta, not overdone on the blue cheese.

Dan loved our next dish, spinalis dorsi, langosta, chard, “vitellote” puree.  The steak was cooked rare with a similar surf and turf touch with the lobster piece on top.  Both pieces were served deliciously over “vitellote” puree, a yummy purple potato mash.  This dish was nicely paired with Victory at Sea, a coffee porter.

Last but not least was the vanilla bean geniuses white chocolatier mousse, bulls blood “essence”, sea salt pistachio sable paired with Red Velvet, a blonde beer with a hint of beets giving it that velvety red color.  This dessert was perfect, not too sweet but really left the mouth watering.  The white chocolatier mousse was delicious with the moist pieces of cake.  The pieces of sea salt pistachio sable was a perfect touch to top it all off.

After coming here we were a little ashamed and embarrassed that we had never been to the Moot House before.  It has been a Fort Collins staple for years and you better believe we will be back as we were treated to such a wonderful dining experience.

Daddy Cakes Bakery: One bite at a time

Daddy Cakes Bakery: One bite at a time

Are you looking for a place that will make your wedding cake? Looking to grab a pastry and a cup of coffee? Or looking to grab a quick lunch? Look no further than your local neighborhood bakery, Daddy Cakes!  We stopped by and asked them a few questions and sampled some of the goods.  We were not disappointed.

Daddy Cakes is located at 514 S. College Avenue next to Big City Burrito.  Rudy and Angi Burns came from Arkansas and purchased Babette’s Feast, a local catering company in September of 2011.  After doing that for a while they got excited to grow from a catering company into a retail bakery.  The name comes from their friends and family calling them Mom and Dad. They are open from 7-4 Monday through Friday and 7-2 on Saturdays, closed on Sundays.  You can also find some of their pastries in local businesses around town.

Daddy Cakes concentrates on mainly…cakes.  Yes they are great at making cakes, for different occasions such as weddings, birthdays and just the average Tuesday that needs a cake.  If you just want a slice you can always go that route as well.  The bakery even has cake stations where you can watch the artists at work.  Rudy said it reminded him of the old pizza parlors.  The owners really foster an environment of creativity that focuses on making the cake look great while also tasting great.  The staff consists of the Burns and four other employees.  They also offer quiche, sandwiches, salads and a variety of both sweet and savory croissants, and magic bars (really quite addicting) as well as carrot cake, flourless chocolate torte, lemon bars, scones and it goes on.  Is your mouth watering yet?   You can wash it all down with the great coffee they offer.  They made their own house blend choosing the roasting temperature to the type of bean used.  They get this coffee through an organization that deals more in direct purchasing and as the owner put it is “coffee with a purpose”.  Oh and a little bit of an inside tip… donuts may be on the way.

The one thing that stuck with me other than the delicious treats was what the owner said his mission was with this bakery, to simply feed others.  That about says it all to me.  So stop by and grab a smile and a pastry.

Feast of The Seven Fishes at Jax Fish House

Feast of The Seven Fishes at Jax Fish House

We didn’t know eating seafood was such a long-standing tradition on Christmas Eve but when we found out Jax Fish House was hosting we had to go see what it was all about.

We weren’t sure what we were in for but our lust for new and interesting food has taken us on a wonderful food adventure and we were excited to see what was ahead.  The restaurant was bustling with the anticipation of the night ahead.  We didn’t know if we would be eating family style or what the set up might be and it turned out we have a relaxing meal for two.

The feast began with a gorgeous plate consisting of Big Eye Tuna Crudo, Sweet Potato Crab Arancini and Oysters on the Half Shell paired with a sparkling wine.  The tuna tasted so fresh and delightful.  The Crab Arancini was one of the best things we had and the Oysters (a fairly new food for us) had a nice vinegar pickle taste to them.  The sparkling wine was a nice way to wake up the taste buds at the beginning of the meal.  The nice dry light taste was a great sidekick to our beautiful dinner guests on the plate.

The second course was not to disappoint, Insalata Mista and Baked Cherry Stone Clams, both so good.  The Insalata Mista had fried anchovy, grilled baby octopus, gigante beans, arugala, cauliflower, olive and cured egg yolk with an anchovy vinaigrette.  Octopus isn’t usually something we cross the street for but this was so surprisingly tasty we found ourselves looting the bowl of the little creatures.  The Cherry Stone clams had a nice parmesan crumble that was fantastic.  The Chardonnay paired very well.

The third course was the mother of them all.  Pan Roasted Swordfish with gnocchi ala romana and hazel dell mushroom bolegnase with Raito Bianco Mussels on the side paired with one of our all time favorite types of wine, Pinot Noir. The swordfish isn’t something we often see on a menu but rest assured it will be something we look for in the future.  The fish was so well cooked and the mushrooms were a surprisingly nice companion to the fish. The mussels were swimming in the most wonderful and creamy buttery broth that made me want to forget my manners and hoist the bowl to my lips.  

For dessert we were presented with Zeppoles along with a pomegranate crème anglaise and biscotti break caramel.  By this point of the meal we were quite well satisfied but we of course found room for these crispy sweet little balls of wonder.

As we made our way out the door in a seafood and wine fog we knew this was a great way to start our Christmas Eve and might possibly be a new tradition for Savoring Fort Collins.

Cranked Up Coffee

Cranked Up Coffee

During the Caffeine Crawl this past August, we got to experience the amazing Cranked Up Coffee.  Since we are huge fans of beer on nitro, we knew nitro coffee had to be just as amazing and it was!  After this experience we had to learn more about Larry, the owner of Cranked Up Coffee and what inspired him to start his business.

1.  What made you decide to dip into the coffee world?

I have always enjoyed working on machines as well as cooking and 3 years ago started building a home coffee roaster. After extensive research and trial and error I built several roasters always striving to make the contraption better. With this process I gained a great amount of coffee knowledge and fell in love with extracting so many different flavors, some subtle, some strong. 

After working in the trades as an hvac mechanic for most of my life I wanted to enjoy something new where I could apply my skill set, be outside riding, and share something with others they will appreciate. Voila Cranked Up Coffee

2.  Why nitro coffee/tea?

I read about nitro coffee almost 2 years ago and knew before even trying it that it would be delicious. I ordered commercial equipment shortly after with out tasting it before hand and was right. The body that nitro coffee has when made properly is like a soft velvety and bubbly stream of smooth flavor. 

There are so many different types of coffee that produce different flavors when infused with nitrogen. No two will be the same and much like beer different brewers will have different flavor profiles and methods. It can be as simple or as complex as one wants to make it. I enjoy continuously striving for  better flavor extraction and smooth texture. It is liquid alchemy.

3. Where do you get your coffee beans?

I source my beans from local roasters in Fort Collins and the front range including Peritus who has an amazing espresso blend, Cafe Richesse who source beans from their own family's plantation in Brazil, Copper Door in Denver who roasts fully on wind and solar power and am excited to continue featuring other Fort Collins roasters on our rotating tap. 

4. Where can people find your cart? When?

People can find Cranked Up Coffee's nitro coffee bike on SW corner of Mountain and College by Rare Italian Cuisine most days of the week 10-2 sometimes in earlier in the AM and often later in the PM or Call for delivery 970-237-0334 (business and home).  We can also be found at many events all over town and are available for booking, weddings, business meetings, parties and hangovers we got what you need. Cranked Up Coffee can also be found at Tap and Handle at 307 S College Ave. 

5. What made you choose Fort Collins?

I chose to start a business Fort Collins because I have lived here for 5 years and love it. Craft beer brewing and bikes, now craft coffee is on the rise! This town is always pushing itself to become better resulting in new and interesting businesses.

6. What are your top coffee shops in town when going out?

I have always enjoyed relaxing at the Wild Boar Cafe on South College.

7. What's your favorites hobby or hobbies?

I enjoy hiking and camping, sometimes in more extreme environmental settings. I'm a sci fi and fantasy nerd for sure and I like throwing the lacrosse ball around or just sitting on the lawn at City Park. 


Come and check out Cranked Up's other drink offerings nitro matcha green tea, nitro spiced black tea, spicy n sweet ginger bubbly, made to order nitro cream soda. Nitro coffee frappes with chocolate sauce drizzled on top and coming soon gourmet muffins and pastries. Best gluten free muffin ever.

The Brewers Table @ New Belgium

The Brewers Table @ New Belgium

Beer and food and food and beer.  There are few things that put a smile on my face more than these two things, but when you put them together they can make the other one that much better.

Pairing a good beer with good food is an art and a craft.  It has been gaining more and more traction and sliding right in there next to a good wine pairing.  Beer as we all know is a big part of the Fort Collins food scene.  That is why The Brewers Table, a beer and restaurant team from Austin, Texas decided to try out this fairly new concept with us here in our lovely city.

New Belgium was gracious enough to provide a wonderful setting for this taste bud party.  As we entered the confines of the brewery we were ushered up to a beautiful room where we would be partaking in our food and beer experience.  We were then greeted with a fire roasted cauliflower chip and dip with smoked trout roe, wow what a treat for the tongue.  As the roe still lingered delicately we headed for the bar to see what exciting new beers awaited us.  First up to bat was the Sour Blended Saison.  Lately sours have been on the forefront of my beer brain and this one did not disappoint.  As we made our way to our seats we noticed the tables weren’t adorned with the usual salt and pepper.  On each table we were presented with fresh hop salt, beer wort pickles, spiced brewer’s yeast, fermented pear buttermilk dressing and malted vinegar. We made sure to try each and every thing.  The pickles covered in the spiced yeast and pear dressing was just the right thing to get our palate primed for more.

As we were getting to know our fellow beer and food lovers at the table, the next course was emerging from the recesses of the brewery.  Fall squash barbeque with charred vegetable tare and blistered brassicas with pecan sauce and smoked goat feta, paired with an imperial coffee sour stout, wow…  The squash was sliced in half and filled with a succulent pecan sauce making it one of the favorites of the night.

Now that our mouths had been entertained we were ready for the main attraction, the meat.  First out was the grilled Alamosa striped bass with boiled potatoes (the hop salt and malted vinegar was a welcome addition) paired with a whiskey barrel aged Fat Tire.  Sometimes whiskey barrel aged beers can be a little much for us but this one had an amazing nose any plastic surgeon would be happy to call their own.  Some might find it tough to eat something that is staring back at you from the plate but picking the meat from the bones of a big gorgeous fish is a great experience everyone needs to try.  Just as our belts were starting to protest we were presented with a most enticing rotisserie Texas lamb shoulder with fire roasted alliums matched with the ever tasty blackberry Oscar.  You can always taste the extra love that goes into a slow roasted prime cut of meat and this one had a lot of love.

No great foodie experience is without a great desert to bring it all together.  Poached apples and pears with brown butter sable and wort cream paired with a honey orange tripel.  Need I say more?

We have never had a good reason to go to Texas but we can’t wait to take a trip to Austin and see these guys in their natural habitat!

Salmon Bake at Sunset

Salmon Bake at Sunset

We find ourselves walking down a dirt road with the faint sound of laughter and joyous conversation growing ever so slightly louder.  As we approach with loaded anticipation a line of barrels cut in half are smoldering to our right, tents are filled with various tasty libations to our left and a small band drapes the seen with the velvety sound of smooth rock.

First order of business is seeing just what the smiling faces are offering under the tent to our left.  On the table we see jars with an alluring green liquid, Northern Lights.  A local cocktail concocted from Jax Fish House with Old Town Distilling Vodka, Lemonade, Cucumber Puree, Drumroll Pale Ale and Native Hill Basil.  For me any cocktail with cucumber is gonna catch my fancy, and this one did not disappoint.  Refreshing and just slightly tart it paired extremely well with the oysters offered alongside.  As we worked on our second Northern Lights, servers emerged from the prep tent carrying trays with some interesting appetizers proudly displayed atop.  We enjoyed many tasty treats from Jax Fish House including Tomato and Yuzu Gazpacho with Cucumber Kimchi, Crab Tater Tots with Arugula Aioli and Smoked Trout piled on top of Beet Chips and Crème Fraiche.  The problem with this is we could have eaten about a hundred of each and soon we found ourselves resisting the temptation to pluck any more of the tasty morsels from there perch.

As appetizer hour was being wrapped up and everyone around was glowing a little from the cocktails, we were directed to the long family style dinner table.  The backdrop of the farm and the foothills conjured up feelings of a fairy tale land where all the people from town gather at a huge table and share a feast foraged from the ever giving land around them.  Soon we were seated and exchanging pleasantries with the folks around us.  We enjoyed a very tasty salad made by Jax Fish House with Native Hill spicy greens, quatrix lola rosa (still not too sure what this is), carrots, pickled beans and walnuts all gently blanketed with a roasted fennel vinaigrette.  This paired extremely well with the Zard-Alu Sour Apricot from Odell Brewing and provided just the right transition to the main attraction, the Salmon.

Remember those barrels set ablaze earlier?  The glorious pink salmon filets were placed on long steaks and were angled just above the flaming barrels to impart a natural smoky wonderfulness that can’t quite be described in this short blog.  The beautiful mountains of salmon were accompanied with Bacon Braised Collard Greens, Potato and Turnip Au Gratin and Chilled Ramen Salad creating an eating experience rivaled by few.  The feeling of community was overflowing all around us.  There is just nothing quite like sitting at a giant table with large platters of glorious cuisine being passed all around.

Just when I didn’t think it was possible to put any more food inside my bulging belly, the Farmers Cupcakes arrived.  Chocolate Beet, Carrot and Blue Hubbard Squash…  Holy moly were these just the right touch to top of an already fantastic experience. 

As this was only the second annual Harvest Moon Salmon Bake we can only hope there will be many more to come and that we are lucky enough to share in this old world way of connecting with the people and community around us.  

Brick + Mortar: the pop-up dinner experience

A local chef and a few interested food enthusiasts have taken over the Welsh Rabbit Bistro every Sunday.   Come on by or call and get your name on a seat, Josie Sexton will be waiting to walk you through a very enticing foodie experience.

This is a new concept coming here to Fort Collins, a pop-up restaurant.  The name is Brick + Mortar.

They have both brunch and dinner that is constantly rotating from week to week.  Local chef Cameron Trezoglou has a month long collaboration with the restaurant and is serving up some exciting and interesting food.  The focus is on local home grown ingredients, a lot of which you wouldn’t guess is from around here.

We went for dinner and tried some wonderful options.  One of our favorite things we had was the salad foraged from areas around Fort Collins.  The edible flowers not only looked amazing on the salad they added some great flavor.  The smoked trout was cooked to perfection and had a most enjoyable smoky flavor without being overpowering.  Perhaps the best part of the meal was the sunflower ice cream, with one special way to present it, dry ice.  The ice cream was placed in a ramekin on top a bed of dry ice and a bit of water was poured in to activate the ice and produce a smoky ambiance you have to experience.

It always feels great to support local business and it tastes great to eat local.  This place hits both of those points right on the head.  I definitely recommend giving them a call and getting your name on the list for the next great culinary adventure.

Life of a chocoholic

Life of a chocoholic

With the two-year anniversary of Nuance Chocolates coming up we decided to ask the owner Toby Gadd a few questions.

Why did you decide to open a chocolate shop?

I just love chocolate that is the main reason.  I was born a chocoholic, when I was a kid I would always trade my candy items for chocolate after Halloween.  My wife and I took a trip to Costa Rica and toured a chocolate museum where you made a simple chocolate at the end and it was almost bizarre how good it was.  Soon after we were purchasing thousands of dollars of equipment to make chocolate for fun.  I got to a point where I just didn’t want to be in the corporate environment anymore and sold my previous business and soon our hobby turned into a business.

How did you come up with the name Nuance?

My wife and I would go on walks with our dog and would munch on chocolate and we would discuss the various subtleties and nuances each different chocolate had to offer.  We made lists and Nuance was always on the list.  There are as much as 600 different flavor compounds in chocolate making it more diverse than most foods.  This definitely makes it hard to get bored.

What is your favorite chocolate?

That’s a tough question.  It all depends on what time of day it is or what I may be drinking at the time. Much like all of the great beer in town I may like a good crisp pale ale after a bike ride or a nice dark porter on a cold night.  Chocolate is very similar in that respect.

What does Nuance offer?

We have milk, flavored milk, dark and single origin bars.   At this moment we have forty-three different bars in the case. We currently have nineteen single origin bars, largest selection in the world.  We have sipping chocolates and brewing chocolate and chocolate with coffee and other great drinks with chocolate.   We also have hand rolled truffles, nibs for baking, cacao powder and a few other things.  Our factory is just two blocks away on Oak Street. Choosing the right cocoa bean is important we only accept about twenty percent of the beans we receive to make chocolate.  We are very serious about getting ethically and sustainably sourced beans.

What is your favorite drink in Old Town?

The Fort Collins beer scene is good in my opinion.  It’s hard to choose a favorite.  I really like the Spicy Punjabi at Cooper Smiths, any beer on the porch at Odell is great, Snowbank has one that uses my chocolate that I also really love.

What is your favorite desert to get in town?

Honestly I really like my chocolate a lot.  Copper Muse has a sipping chocolate with rum that is really tasty (Nuance and Copper Muse did this before for a special event, it is not available year round).  The Kitchen made a hazelnut tort using our Madagascar chocolate that was amazing!  Frozen yogurt is always a family favorite. 

What local vendors have you collaborated with?

We have done things with Feisty Spirits, Copper Muse, Coffee Registry, Bean Cycle, Golden Poppy and a number of breweries around town including: Odell, New Belgium, Snowbank and 1933.  We also have done a little with Blue Skys Winery and Savory Spice.  We also have joined up with The Lyric where we provided some tasty samples to go with the movie Chocolate.  I love to always support local. 

What is your favorite activity to do around town?

I have always loved cycling and mountain biking.  I love just being around the Old Town Area and being a part of the local community.

Why a Goat as the mascot?

It has always kind of been a family mascot.  My wife grew up with goats around.  Goats are very prevalent in regions around the world that grow cacao.  And honestly they are just fun goofy animals that we like.

Who doesn't love coffee?

Who doesn't love coffee?

With the world of craft beer and liquor growing steadily, people often forget about the other part of the ever growing specialty beverage industry.  I’m talking about the drinks that shake us from our nightly slumbers and help us take on the challenges of everyday life, and after a night with its more “spirited” cousin it is often the only thing lifting our heads from our pillows, caffeine! 

Sure the other side of the craft beverage world helps us deal with the worries and problems of the day, hopefully after the day is done, but millions upon millions of people around the world turn to caffeine to face the day ahead.  Here in Fort Collins we have a good number of specialty coffee and tea shops with friendly and knowledgeable staff.  But how do you know which one to go to?  Well SavoringFortCollins and The Lab Team are here to help.  The Lab Team has established a fun new way to explore the local beverage seen, The Caffeine Crawl.

On our crawl we went to five different stops around Old Town.  We started with the local chocolate shop, Nuance.  This is where we checked in with Sadie and got our schedule of events along with a goody bag full of coffee samples and other fun items.  Now I know this isn’t a coffee or tea shop but they do serve special chocolate drinks, often mixed with coffee.  Coffee and chocolate has and will forever be a great duo so what better place to start our journey than with coffees sweet mistress.  The owner gave a really interesting and fun lesson on where chocolate comes from and why he started his business as we got to try various samples.  It turns out chocolate has a lot more going on than just milk or dark. 

Next we stopped at Bean Cycle, a local coffee shop that roasts their own beans!  Here we tried a drink that is traditionally from Central America.  One of the baristas gave us a step by step on how to make the drink, turns out he got the recipe from one of if not the oldest and most trusted methods of recipe retrieval, his mom. 

The next stop was one that we have never been to but were extremely interested to try, Cranked Up Coffee.  This is a one man coffee cart, but not just any old coffee cart.  As you come closer you see the word Nitro on the side of the cart.  If you have ever had a Nitro beer than the next time you see this cart stop and grab a cup.  The nitrous makes the cold brewed coffee naturally creamy and a little bit sweat with absolutely no cream or sugar added.  If you see him in the afternoon he often has nitro macha tea on his cart, haven’t tried it yet but you can be sure next time I see it I’m running after. 

On the way to our next caffeine fix we stopped at Revolution Artisan Pops.  Here they make homemade premium popsicles with as much local ingredients as they can get their hands on.  We tried the Harbinger Coffee with sweet cream pop and the Raspberry Hibiscus Pop.  Both were extremely tasty but I still prefer a little cream to enhance that flavor. 

Across the street we stopped at a local staple in the coffee community, Mugs.  They have been around for more than a decade serving great coffee and baked goods to the local community.  They have a shop both in Old Town as well as next to campus on Laurel so you can see how they have been so successful here in a city filled with young professionals and students alike.  They gave us a little break from the coffee side and we got to try some delicious tea and baked goods that were specifically paired for the day’s event.  The coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was quite delightful paired with the Smiling Bear Chai. 

As our crawl was quickly turning to a caffeine fueled skip we headed for the final destination on our tour, Harbinger Coffee.  Here we learned just how different coffee tastes straight up as opposed to over ice.  Next thing we knew the owner brought out something I didn’t know was possible, coffee foam.  He had a whip cream dispenser and had concocted a way to make coffee flavored foam.  What an interesting way to top of the day (pun intended).

The Lab Team is based in Kansas City and here in Fort Collins but they do caffeine crawls throughout the United States so look for one near you.

Celebrating New Belgium’s 25th Anniversary with Jax Fish House benefiting Habitat for Humanity

Celebrating New Belgium’s 25th Anniversary with Jax Fish House benefiting Habitat for Humanity

I can truly say for how much I love salmon, I have never been to a salmon bake before and was not sure what to expect when showing up at New Belgium on this warm, sunny evening.  After meeting up with a friend we started exploring and noticed people gathering around the salmon bake itself.  While drooling over the large piece of salmon stretched out over wood blanks, my eyes looked to the fire pit and I noticed it was New Belgium half kegs cut in half.  That was such an interesting and cool site to see (and we do have photos on our Instagram account @savoringfortcollins).

Bofore the main course began I found myself enjoying a fruit fly passionfruit citra sour along with some delicious potato bacon skewers, beet pickled deviled eggs, cucumber gazpacho shooters, and oysters on the half shelf.  My two favorites were the potato bacon skewers (the thick bacon was absolutely amazing I craved it for days), the beet pickled deviled eggs were also a stunning addition and had a delicious pickled flavor which complimented the deviled egg itself.

Soon after we all sat down on picnic tables, family style, with classic place settings surrounded by wonderful people and a very inviting and comfortable environment.  This is when they served one of my favorite beers of the evening, the flowering citrus ale (which is a collaboration with de konink).  This beer was smooth, sweet, and what I would call the perfect summer beer.  Before the second course came out, we all enjoyed some great cheesy bread with butter.  Then we were served our next course, the snapshot braised beet salad with watermelon radish and fromage blanc, snapshot vinaigrette.  This salad was one of my favorites of the evening since I am such a huge fan of Native Hill Farms beets.  This was also my first time finally getting to enjoy the elusive watermelon radish, which was delicious! I will be on the hunt for this again this summer!

The third course included sides such as fat tire farro salad, garden sweet farms grilled kale, and fried rice lucero served with juicy mandarina ipa.  The fat tire farro salad included arugula, macerated tomato, feta, olive and gremolata vinaigrette.  This was absolutely dynamite.  These flavors paired together perfectly, and I will have to try to make something similar, key word is try. The garden sweet farms grilled kale included gigande beans and spring root soffrito. the kale had an amazing flavor.  The last side, the fried rice lucero, included native hill farms rapini and hazel dell mushrooms, which was also quite good.  After the sides came the main attraction, the thing that caught hold of my craving at the beginning of the night and never let go.  The fire roasted salmon with three dipping sauces…including Fresno cucumber aioli, bacon onion jam, and spring ratatouille vinaigrette.  The salmon and the spring ratatouille vinaigrette were absolutely mind blowing!  With the salmon they paired the ever scrumptious, aged cascara quad.

To top it all off they served the bing cherries jubilee with brown butter semolina pound cake, housemade ricotta and olive oil toasted almonds paired with one of my all time favorite beers, tart lychee!   This was the absolute cherry on top.  The pound cake was soft and sweet, but not overtly sweet.  The housemade ricotta I could not get enough of and the olive oil toasted almonds were just the right touch.

This dinner was extremely enjoyable.  I loved everything from the setting, to the family style servings and the opportunity to meet some great new people.  There just isn’t anything quite like eating a great meal paired with the perfect tasty craft brew.

Odell Small Batch Revival

Odell Small Batch Revival

We were so excited when we saw the tickets go up for the Small Batch Revival.  What could be more exciting than revisiting some of your favorite past brews as well as some delicious new ones?

The atmosphere of the event was mellow, very spread out with plenty of room to roam.  The short lines around the five different beer taps were a nice touch with the great food options including The Goodness, The Tramp About, and Silver Seed.  We enjoyed a sandwich from both The Tramp About and Silver Seed as we made our way through the various beer choices around the grounds.

We started our day off with 59er an Oak Aged Brett Golden Ale and Zard Alu a Sour Apricot Ale.  59er was a great paring with our po’boy from The Tramp About and Zard Alu was refreshing and perfect for a warm summery day.

Following those we tried our two favorites of the day, the Crème Brulee Cutthroat Porter Firkin and Strawberry/Kiwi St. Lupulin Firkin. Since Cutthroat Porter is one of our all time favorite beers and crème brulee a dessert favorite of ours we couldn’t pass this beer up and it did not disappoint.  This beer had the classic taste with a hint of the sweet caramel flavor. Absolutely amazing!  We also loved the Strawberry/Kiwi St. Lupulin, an interesting fruity beer with a lot of flavor.

Then to finish up the day we enjoyed the Margarita Easy Street Wheat Firkin and Pineapple IPA Firkin. 

Now we just have to cross our fingers that Crème Brulee Cutthroat Porter Firkin and Strawberry/Kiwi St. Lupulin Firkin make an appearance again in our lives and so do my sunnies, seriously if you see some lost shiny Ray Bans aviators message us.

The Passport Program

The Passport Program

Have you ever talked about trying the new bars but never go? Try the Passport Program! This program allows you to try 2 for 1 drinks at over 34 drinking establishments around Fort Collins from May 27th to September 5th!  Each passport is only $20 and goes on sale May 17th, find them at

Our 5 must go places on the passport you might have forgot about include:

JAWS Sushi

            Besides having the best sushi in town, this place has fabulous cocktails.

Jessup Farm Barrel House

            Such delicious craft beer, and truly the UB Forty is FANTASTIC.

The Colorado Room

            Always great craft beer and delicious Moscow mules paired with  

            outstanding food!

Feisty Spirits

            The Maple Cinnamon Whiskey is a great after dinner treat.

Road 34

            This one is a classic for us! Good beer, delicious sandwiches, great hangout.

Our 5 yet to try but have been on our list:

Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Public House

            We have stopped in and the atmosphere is amazing, cannot wait to spend

            more time here.

William Oliver’s

            Who can pass up a glass of bacon with their drink?

The Whiskey

            Intrigued to see what they have to offer.

Downtown Artery

            We love the community and cannot wait to check out some of the local artists

             while we enjoy a drink with some toast.

Pinball Jones

            Heard so much about this place cannot wait to check it out!

Don’t forget to get your passport to help make this Fort Collins summer great!

The Taste: An Evening of Flavor

The Taste: An Evening of Flavor

The Taste is one of the best events of the year, benefiting a favorite of ours, the Larimer County Food Bank.  This event has great local chefs making delicious small dishes served with tasty brews from local breweries.

One favorite dish included Seared Fennel-Black Pepper Rubbed Albacore with Grilled Zucchini, Radicchio, Pickled Red Onion, Carrot, Flatleaf Parsley and Arugula with Spice Infused Red Wine Vinaigrette made by Chef Oskar Arevalo from Fish Restaurant located in Old Town.  The Red Wine Vinaigrette really brought out the delicious flavor of the Albacore. It was absolutely delicious and would be amazing with a refreshing kolsch.

Another stunning meal included the New York Strip and Crispy Morel Mushroom Ravioli with Parsley Root, Celery Salad, Truffle Jus made by Chef Brian Shaner from Nick’s Italian.  This dish was absolutely FABULOUS!  Made me really want to go back to Nick’s Italian and try more!  This dish was perfect with one of our favorite beers, Verboten’s Killer Boots Caramel Porter.

My all time favorite dessert at the event included the Rum Panna Cotta, Fresh Berries, Mint, Pistachio Wafer made by Chef Alex Feldman from Rare Italian.  This dessert literally blew my mind.  It was sweet, but not overly sweet like some desserts.  It had amazing flavor and texture, I am looking forward to trying it at Rare Italian again.  This was delicious with Verboten’s Angry Banjo Dark Cream Ale, wow.

I have really grown to love this event having gone the past couple years.  The amazing selection of craft beers paired with the wonderful chefs and their talented creations  are a few reasons why this event is a great part of Fort Collins.

Wondering if it is worth buying tickets next year? Why not? This event gives back to a great cause and allows you to explore many local restaurants, as well as things on their menu you may not have when visiting them!

Behind the Scenes of Turtle Mountain Tea


Behind the Scenes of Turtle Mountain Tea

We enjoy Turtle Mountain Tea and love their different kombucha flavors, so naturally we were dying to learn more!  The owner, Natalie Disanto was kind enough to give us the scoop!


Q: What started your love for kombucha and fermenting?

Natalie: I fell in love with Kombucha when I was nineteen years old. That winter, I caught the flu twice, had strep throat once, and bronchitis three times. I kept going to a doctor asking him to help me and no matter what sort of medications they gave me the sickness kept coming back and getting worse. Finally, I got fed up with listening to a stranger who wasn’t making any positive changes in my health. I conducted my own research and learned a lot.  I began practicing herbalism and tea treatments. Through my love of tea, I learned about Kombucha- the miracle fermented tea! I started fermenting my own Kombucha and drinking it every day. After a month of my new holistic lifestyle, I was healed. I haven’t been sick since! The effects of Kombucha were so pronounced on my body that I decided to try making sauerkraut and kimchi as well. The triad of these these live, probiotic foods have changed my life in the most amazing way. I am so lucky to be able to share my passion and healthy lifestyle with others!


Q: Where can you find your products?

In Bottles:

Scrumpy's Cider House

Patero's Creek Brewery

Mugs Coffee House on Laurel

Mugs Coffee House on Olive & College

Beaver's Grocery Store

The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shoppe 

The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro

Momo Lolo Coffeehouse

The Bean Cycle 

Cafe Ardour

The Fort Collins Food Co-Op

The Fort Collins Coffeeshop

The Downtown Artery

Wolverine Farm Publishing House

On Tap:

Compass Cider

At Farmer’s Markets:

Saturday @ The Winter Farmer’s Markets from 9AM-1PM

-Coming Soon-

Saturday @ Drake Road Farmer’s Market from 9AM-2PM

Saturday @ Old Town Farmer’s Market from 9AM-2PM

Sunday @ Harmony & Lemay Farmer’s Market from 9AM-3PM


Q: What is your favorite flavor you have made so far?

Natalie: No matter how many times people ask me this question, I will never have an answer! I have created each of my flavors out of my own experimentation and trust of my pallet. I LOVE the “original” flavor, which is our Yerba Mate. Hawaiian Infusion is the first flavor I ever made, so I have a special love for that one as well. Apple Pie is amazing and compliments liquors very well if you choose to use it as a mixer (which I highly recommend). BasilBerry is probably my most unique flavor as it uses blackberries, blueberries, and opal basil. Ginger Green has the most health benefits with its’ heavy dosage of spirulina, cucumbers, eucalyptus, lime, and ginger. See what I mean? I love them all differently but equally! I am too proud a parent to pick favorites.


Q: Can you share your plans for the future?

Natalie: I plan to continue to do what I love as long as I have the support of my wonderful customers. This year, I am expanding into Loveland as well as some other neighboring cities in the Northern Colorado area. I am hiring a staff to run some farmer’s markets so Turtle Mountain can participate in multiple markets at once. I grow with my business and learn to manage and produce more as the need arises. It is my dream to build a brick and mortar Fermentation Station here in Fort Collins. We would serve Kombucha on tap and offer a variety of live, raw, and probiotic meals and snacks!  I have a long way to go before that happens, but it is what I am working toward!


Q: What are the benefits of kombucha?

Natalie: Kombucha is a fermented tea. The drink begins as a simple mixture of organic (in our case, yerba maté) tea and sugar, then we add a S.C.O.B.Y. to the mix! S.C.O.B.Y. is an acronymn for Symbitoic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. The SCOBY kickstarts the fermentation. We let this process continue for about two weeks, which creates original kombucha. We call this our "Yerba Maté" flavor.  

Kombucha originates from Ancient China, where is was regarded as the, "Elixer of Life." Even back then kombucha was recognized as the beneficial tea that it is.

Kombucha contains many active probiotics, which are beneficial to your digestive tract. Lactobacillus is the most popular of the probiotics. Lactobacillus helps your gut break down food more easily. While your body saves energy in digestion, it is able to concentrate fully upon other important systems such as your blood system, nervous system, and immune system. 

Due to the acidity acheived during fermentation, kombucha helps to pull toxins from your body while replacing it with healthy probiotcs. It also helps to oxygenate your blood. As your blood is able to flow more efficently through your veins, nerve synapses happen at a quicker pace. With less toxins in your blood system, you are able to stay healthy. As kombucha rips toxins from your body, it purges them from your system, so it is important to drink plenty of water while consuming fermented teas and foods!

Kombucha is also PACKED FULL of Vitamin B, which has been proven to reduce stress while promoting happiness inside of your brain! It doesn't get better than a catalyst for both healthiness and happiness!


Q: Describe in three words your Farmers' Market experience.

Natalie: Inspiring. Humbling. Powerful.


Q: What is your favorite hangout in town? Why?

Natalie: Patero’s Creek! I love Patero’s because they make amazing beer and are always really creative with their “Outlaw” flavors. On Valentines Day this past year, they made a Chocolate Strawberry beer that is one of the best beers that I have ever tasted. They are very locally focused and were one of my first wholesale customers. The owner and employees are always friendly and funny and make me smile whenever I manage to carve time out of my hectic schedule for one of their rockin’ beers!

Want to learn more about Turtle Mountain Tea?  Visit their Website, Facebook, or Instagram here!

Interested in being a part of the Turtle Mountain Tea team? Natalie is looking for salespeople for Farmers' Markets in both Fort Collins and Loveland.  E-mail her your resume at  


The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm


The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm

If you are like us, you love going to The Farmhouse and seeing what is new on the rotating menu while enjoying some classic favorites such as the fried green tomatoes and the chicken and waffles.  We had to interview the two behind this adorable and delicious farm to table restaurant, owner Jesse Doerffel and head chef Navejas.

Q: Why did you want to open your own restaurant?

Jesse: I grew up in the industry and have always found my way into the kitchen, be it at home or at work - even when I was in Operations in the Hotel Industry.  I love the industry and have always wanted to do something on my own.

Q: What inspired you to use local ingredients and to grow/hatch products on sight?

Jesse: I grew up going to farmers' markets with my family and loved meeting the people behind our food.  It became a passion when we lived in San Francisco.   We were exposed to the most incredible artisan cheese, milk, seafood, meats and produce.  The wonderful thing about Northern California is that you can go to the source of that product almost any time of the year.  I knew if I could one day own my own restaurant, I would want to share the story of the producers and their product as much as possible.

Q: When you are not at the restaurant, what is your favorite activity?

Jesse: Really anything that allows me to be outside.

Joel: Riding my bike.

Q: How did you decide on The Farmhouse and the atmosphere for the restaurant?

Jesse: A friend from CSU was overseeing the businesses in Jessup Farms and we met for coffee at Avo's.  Within 40 minutes I shared my dream restaurant and farm concept and it just so happened to be exactly the same space and vision that was available.  It was meant to be.

Q: What is your favorite meal at your restaurant, The Farmhouse?

Jesse: My friend Bryce Hediger mills us flour at his farm in Nunn (north of Fort Collins) and we use it in our Blue Corn Flour Pancakes.  It may be simple but the freshness and purity of the flour makes the texture fun and provides a deep flavor.  I add a few of our Farmhouse coop eggs and it's a perfect breakfast.

Q: What is your favorite meal you prepare at The Farmhouse?

Joel: Our braised lamb shank.  It was the dish that started it all.  Each time its prepared it reminds me of the test kitchen and all the work we did to prepare the entire menu.

Q: What inspired you to be a chef?

Joel: A combination of both of my grandmothers and Chef Carl Kessel.  I grew up watching my grandmothers grow foods, dispatch farm animals, and cook traditional dishes they had learned from their mothers.  Growing up my grandmothers cooked every meal from scratch and never ate out.  Chef Kessel was the first person to ask me if I wanted to learn hot to cook professionally.  He took me out of the dish area of a hotel I was working at and taught me the basics and how cook on the cold and hot line.

Q: What is your all time favorite thing to cook?

Joel: My grandmothers red Chile tamales.  It takes three days from start to finish.   It starts with going to the neighborhood Mexican food market to get all the ingredients which includes the pork shoulder, corn husk, chilies etc ... You have to braise the meat just right and make sure the masa's texture feels right.  The best part of the whole process is gathering the entire family to help smear the masa on the husks.  This was the best bonding experience between the entire family which always took place before Christmas.  Nowadays I share this experience with my kids.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in town?

Joel: Jax, I have a serious addiction to oysters.

Want to learn more?  Check out The Farmhouse on social: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


CBC: Crafty Beer Conversation


CBC: Crafty Beer Conversation

Craft Beer Cellar is located in Old Town Fort Collins, right off of Mason and is the perfect spot for every beer lover.  You can find anything from local Colorado beers to imported European beers alike.  Even better, or at least something we love, you can break up any six pack and make your own so you can try all kinds of beers without breaking the bank.

To learn more about the two guys behind this awesome oasis, both Justin and Chris, we decided to ask them a few questions.

Q: What made you decide to open Craft Beer Cellar?

Justin Wright: I have loved beer since I first visited some friends in Boston in 2004 who introduced me to Rochefort 10, St. Bernardus 12, and some other big amazing beers.  While I regretted it the next day, the path was set.  When the original CBC opened my wife told me about it and I became an immediate customer because of the service, knowledge and sheer amount of beer they had.  I have an MBA and have always wanted to be my own boss, so this mix of passion and education is why I wanted to do this.

Chris Lazzery: Well, to be perfectly frank, I was miserable at work at my desk job in Boston. The idea of being my own boss appealed to me for some time, and I was a customer day one at the original CBC in Belmont, MA. I loved the model (education, hospitality, and knowledge) and the original owners are just fantastic people. They announced the franchise program about 18 months after opening and it was just something I put on the back burner for a while. Cue May 2014 and I made up my mind to open my own store.

Q: What is your background in the beer world?

Justin: I don't have any!  I'm just a super beer afficionado, who loves to homebrew (when I have the time, which is never right now), and I love reading about beer.  I'm getting my Certified Cicerone as well, just to round out my education, and it won't stop there as I'll do BJCP and more beyond that.

Chris: Professionally, none. But I have been enjoying craft beer since I've been of legal drinking age. I've homebrewed for a couple of years, and I am trying a new beer nearly every day. I simply love beer. I'm currently awaiting my Certified Cicerone results and plan to further my education with various certifications in the future.

Q: Do you have an all time favorite beer? What is it?

Justin: This is a hard question that we get asked nearly daily in the store and my answer is always "I don't have one."  Am I drinking this with food?  Am I drinking it after I mowed the lawn?  Am I having dessert?  Am I just enjoying the flavor?  All those go into my decision so I guess my favorite beer would be the one I'm drinking at the time.  I'll be honest though and say I'll always be partial to Belgian beers, specifically saisons, dubbels, quads, tripels, strongs, oud bruins, flanders reds.....well I just named nearly all the Belgian styles....

Chris: I could probably rattle off 25 right now. It really depends on my mood, what I am eating, or a specific memory of drinking something special in a special environment. For example, I remember the first time I tried De Molen's tremendous Hel & Verdoemenis (or Hell & Damnation); I was on vacation with a couple of my best friends in the world in Amsterdam and we came upon a wonderful beer bar called 't Arendsnest and I chose that beer. To this day it remains one of my favorite imperial stouts and it brings me right back to that day when I crack one open. But short answer: I simply do not have one favorite, but many.

Q: What is your favorite brewery to go to in town? Why?

Justin: I have a top 3 in no particular order: Horse and Dragon, Funkwerks and Snowbank.  We have great relationships with any of them, and at any point I can go to any of those 3 and really enjoy myself, from the amazing beer to the atmosphere with their employees.

Chris: In no order, Horse & Dragon, Funkwerks, and Zwei Brewing. Of course, I have to mention Odell as well. Unparalleled brewing skill and patio/taproom atmosphere. But the other three I enjoy because they are more intimate, have wonderful people working there and they brew dynamite beer, and each brewery has it's own niche, so depending on my mood, I can have a totally different experience in each place. It really sets Fort Collins apart from a lot of places.

Q: Do you have an all time favorite beer pairing you can share with us? 

Justin: Fruited sours, like kriek/framboise/similar, or a tart, cherry forward acidic Flanders Red combined with a slice of traditional New York Cheesecake. The beer acts as the fruit, and the acidity of the sours cuts the fat from the cheesecake, making you want to take another bite and another sip to savor the delicious pairing.

Chris: This is a wonderful question. I love, love, love pairing food and beer. Justin and I recently split a Mikkeller Spontandoubleblueberry sour with a Mary's Mountain blueberry cheesecake cookie and the pairing was to die for. But I think my favorite, off the top of my head, was at the Alaskan/Surly beer dinner at Vail Big Beers this year. The dish was a flourless chocolate cake with torched marshmallow topping paired with Alaskan Perseverance and Surly Darkness, two incredible Russian Imperial Stouts. The result was pure decadence. I'm seriously salivating thinking about it.

Want to learn more?  Check out these awesome guys social: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Cooking Class 101


Cooking Class 101

Ever thought about trying a cooking class?  We have often wondered what it would be like.  The Cooking Studio located in Old Town Fort Collins is a great option!  They offer a variety of different classes.  We tried the Winter Farmers’ Market class where we made curry carrot soup, salt roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic and herbs, salad with basic French vinaigrette, BBQ sauce Texas style with ribs, and old fashioned apple crisp all served family style. We all split up into groups to accomplish a different part of the meal after learning and gathering tips about each dish from the local chef.

Lets first start with the ribs.  These tasty ribs came from Jodar Farms located in Fort Collins and sold at the Farmers’ Market.  We learned the suggested temperature to smoke, grill, and oven cook these ribs.  The rub we used was the Platte River Rub from Savory Spice Shop.  A Texas Style BBQ sauce was made to accompany the ribs.  A helpful tip we learned was to spread the sauce under the ribs on the plate making it easier to control the amount of sauce on each bite.

The curry carrot soup was probably our favorite part of the dish including vegetables from both Native Hill Farm and Leffler Family Farms.  The secret tip we learned on this soup was to heat up the spice blend over the flame before you mix it into the soup releasing the oils for a stronger flavor.  The makers of this dish actually included hot and mild curry and added a little extra that provided a nice kick!

The salt roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic and herbs was nothing like I have seen before.  As shown on our Instagram account, these potatoes are literally buried in salt.  The salt helps to hold in the heat and moisture, and surprisingly does not leave them too salty.  The group decided these would be great for a dinner party.

Our portion of the dish was the salad with fabulous greens from the local farmers market with a classic homemade dressing.  We learned it is important to mix in the oil slowly so it gets completely mixed into the dressing.  This is why dressings call for Dijon mustard, vinegars, and other cream bases to aid with the emulsification.   It is important not to drench the lettuce and vegetables in dressing but to almost make them just look as if they are lightly sweating.

For dessert the group prepared was an old fashioned apple crisp.  They included the star apple vinegar from Vom Fass in Old Town.  This was such a tasty touch and took off the overly sweet edge.  They finished it off with a homemade whipped cream.

After making these delicious dishes we all sat family style at a big wonderful wood table and enjoyed our meal.  We then shared the changes we made to the recipe and how we made our parts of the dish accompanied by wonderful conversation.