When you think of Fort Collins donuts what comes to mind?  Lamars, Dunkin Donuts, Peace Love and Little Donuts…  When you think Fort Collins donuts and add the word local what do you think of?  FoCo DoCo!  The Fort Collins Donut Company opened this year on July 6th in the new Exchange in north Old Town. Family owned and operated by two sisters and their mother, this is truly a local donut shop.  

FoCo DoCo uses as much local ingredients as they have available and here in Fort Collins there’s a lot of local to go around.  A number of local favorites around the area including Coffee Registry, Nuance Chocolate, Copper Muse and some others have provided some of the wonderful ingredients and supplies used at the little donut spot.  Even the syrups are made in house.  With the growing popularity of knowing where your food is coming from and keeping things in the community we are very excited to see where this place goes.  From flavors like Peach Crisp and Carrot Cake you are sure to find both a donut you love and a donut you didn’t know you couldn’t live without!

Some may have heard about or seen the wonderful little mascot for the donut shop, a robot. They even have a square positioned conveniently at a small human’s height on the door for “robot viewing.” Now you’re not going to look inside and see Rosie from the Jetsons rolling around but it is still fun to watch the “robot” their donut machine and the process before you indulge in some of the best and surely freshest donuts around.  Each order is prepared to order, from fryer to mouth.  That means no stale donuts if you decide you need one for an afternoon snack!  I don’t know about you but I crave donuts at all times of the day. 

They are open 7am-8pm (Sunday-Thursday) and stay open until 10pm on (Fridays and Saturdays). They even do a gluten free Tuesday twice a month.  Keep an eye out for more local collaborations! And don’t forget to ask about their secret flavor next time you stop by to see the robot!