The first time we went to The Emporium it was December 23rd and we hadnโ€™t heard a whole lot about the place.  We entered into a nice little market with ice cream, sandwiches and many other snacks and amenities.  The atmosphere is fun and laid back but would still be a great place to enjoy a special occasion.  As we were seated we were told about one of the coolest parts about this place, the wine market.  Not only can you go get your hands on the bottle but the prices are much friendlier than most other restaurants.  We sat down with head chef David and learned a little about where he came from and what the restaurant is all about.

Emporium is a part of the Sage Restaurant group.  They have restaurants located all over the United States, often connected to a nice hotel.  Although it is attached to the hotel it still operates like an individual restaurant.  The Emporium is the first of its kind.  It is based off a similar restaurant in Michigan.  The classic French American feel is a nice refreshing addition to the Fort Collins food scene.

Chef David is from Alaska originally but really honed his culinary skills when he moved to Portland, Oregon and attended the Cordon Bleu Culinary school.  He always enjoyed working in a kitchen environment and figured out he had a real talent for it and Portland was the right place at the right time.  Growing up in Alaska fishing, hunting and anything outdoors was the thing to do.  David enjoys braising at home but keeps it pretty simple as he spends so much time in a kitchen creating delicious meals for The Emporium.  Being someone who has traveled to many different places around the world including Spain, Germany and India he came into contact with many different culinary styles. 

Keep an eye out for more fresh local veggies and produce from surrounding farms as that seems to be a focus going forward this summer.  We have had some really tasty things at The Emporium and cant wait to see what Chef David will have in store for the future!