Have you ever driven by FoCo Cafe wondering just what this building is? This building accommodates meals, local art, a public water fountain, an outdoor pantry, as well as a Giving Tree. It is not just for those who need resources, but also a place where those who can pay are able to sit down in a cozy environment and enjoy a meal.

The cafe itself pumps out about 80 meals a day throughout the week and is now open on Saturdays. They have delicious soups, salads and other selections that their head chef, Jarrett, creates daily. Chef Jarrett uses the most local ingredients available, such as, vegetables from local farmers’. The items that are donated and not used go in the 24/7 outdoor pantry. Those who are in need take what they can use to make a complete meal. FoCo Cafe also houses a Giving Tree, which includes items such as journals, toiletries, dog food, cat food and other supplies needed for living a full and enjoyable life. There is also a great addition in the form of a outdoor library where you can borrow books and replace them with others you are done reading.

When talking with Mallory, she pointed out the quotes they have on their napkins. One story Mallory told me included a woman they helped to get back on solid ground. The woman ate at the cafe daily then attained a job and housing in another state, Before she left, she gifted them a beautiful collage with all of the quotes from the napkins from each meal she had since they were so inspirational to her. That’s what it’s all about.

The cafe has been open four years and is hoping to keep running for years to come. Attend their fundraisers and help support them and their story. Recently, they have been adding members to the cafe to help sustain the cafe and the members receive delicious meals. So next time you are trying to decide where to go for lunch, stop by the cafe to enjoy a tasty meal, make friends and be a part of the Fort Collins community.