Lederhosen, beef, and beer, these three things are always great together.  Bring these together and place them at the base of a great Colorado ski resort and you have something truly special.

This past weekend we were lucky enough to attend Steamboat's 9th annual Oktoberwest.  A festival with an all you can eat beef cook off and over 45 brewers from across the state.  10 different local restaurants were each given the same cut of beef and were let loose to show what they could do with it.  From shredded beef tacos to steam bun sandwiches you were sure to find something that would fit your fancy.  We were sure to try every restaurants entry, sometimes more than once, in order to get a good feel for the local style.  After stuffing ourselves to the gills with various beef dishes we placed our vote and fat and happy stood by for the outcome of the competition.

Of course you canโ€™t enjoy all of that wonderful food without a few wonderful beers to wash it down.  With well over 100 beers available to try you are sure to find something that will quench that thirst.  We were excited to see some of our all time favorite breweries as we approached the beer garden and were equally excited to discover some new favorites.  Horse and Dragon and Denver Beer Co. are among some of favorite places in Colorado to grab a cold brew.  H & D had a wonderful traditional Marzen lager that paired exceptionally well with a number of beef dishes and Denver Beer Co. had the always-favorite Princess Yum Yum, a raspberry Kolsch they recently added to their base lineup.  As much as we love these go to breweries these events are a great opportunity to try breweries you have never tried and possibly have never heard about.  A few new ones we would like to highlight include Storm Peak, a local brewery in the heart of Steamboat, and Broken Compass a brewery in another great ski resort, Breckenridge.  Both of these breweries have our attention for the future.

With a belly full of beef and beer, live music playing and the gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains in the background we were ready for the voting outcome.  Salt & Lime, a local Mexican hangout located on the main drag in Steamboat brought home the prize this year with their fantastic beef tacos.

If your free next year, hike up your lederhosen and loosen your belt and get ready for all the beer and beef you can handle.  The drive amongst the changing aspens and towering mountains is just an added bonus and another one of the reasons the food and beer seen in Colorado is second to none.