As friends and strangers alike gathered at Odell Brewing the anticipation of what the night would bring hung in the air.  An adventure soon awaited as 3 farms prepared for our arrivals.  A mob of bikes took off first and the rest of us followed in a shuttle.  With the brewery in our rearview our stomachs were revving up for the culinary expedition ahead.

The first stop was La Familia.  Marias Tamales were on the menu for this first stop.  Everyone arrived thirstier than expected and the beer ran dry for a few minutes but was soon replenished.  Sipping on a cold Loose Leaf while learning about the great things this farm offers and does for the children  and their families was a nice view into the wonderful things farms can teach the youth. After an enjoyable stop we were on our way to our next destination, Raisin’ Roots.

Here we got to see Taylor and Cameron of the Silver Seed and The Gold Leaf some of our favorite local food flippers in town.  On the table waiting for us was a tasty appetizer with local greens, green tomatoes, cucumbers, edible flowers and a tantalizing sauce atop a soft piece of bread.  Paired with the Sunny Rain Golden Tart from Odell it made for a great combination.  Learning about this farm really gave us an open window view into the inner workings of a farm here in Fort Collins.  Ben gave us a wonderful rundown of the inner and outer workings of this farm. 

The third and final stop was Hope Farm.  Here we arrived to a wonderful setting with tables and candles spread across the farm grounds and the foothills surrendering to a beautiful sunset in the background.  One of our absolute favorite culinary crafters was hard at work preparing a meal that would be our favorite of the night.  The Tramp About concocted a beet tartar with a spicy sausage hash on the side.  Horse and Dragon made an appearance here with a Peach Ale to go with a scrumptious peach cobbler.  For those that didn’t want this beer floats were available to crush that sweet tooth.

If you haven’t been to a farm dinner look into it right away.  It is a truly great experience to gather with likeminded people while enjoying great food great beer and learning about the importance of our local farms.