When we think about places to take out of town guests Restaurant 415 on Mason always comes to mind.  It is the perfect mix of healthy and not so healthy and really has food for all types of eaters.

Five years ago Restaurant 415 opened its doors.  Head chef and part owner, Amelia Mouton is a self-taught chef that grew up in a family with parents who loved to cook.  Similar to the menu, Amelia based the menu like her parents cooking, her Mother liked to cook fresh and light while her Father loved to cook more comfort heavy foods.

Amelia started off cooking for friends and family for fun and soon started to get hired out for catering gigs.  After catering and her friends telling her how much they enjoyed her food she realized maybe this is something she should take more seriously.  Amelia started off working at a Whole Foods in Austin, TX where she learned a lot about various foods she would later incorporate into her menu.

As a woman in the kitchen and born in Fort Collins, CO, Amelia had a good size hill to climb.  Growing up a vegetarian, she wanted to run a restaurant for those with food allergies.  With her creative energy she was able to build the delicious menu at Restaurant 415.  Her favorite things to cook are vegetables, especially squash which shows since it is our favorite spaghetti squash we have had hands down.  To keep the creativity going without having to switch the menu favorites, the staff is now hosting leisure hour during the week with delicious seasonal specials.

Besides working hard to keep her restaurant a local favorite, Amelia has made a couple of rounds on Food Network.  She was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives the second year in business.  Naturally being nervous on national television and a show we have all seen millions of times, Amelia describes Guy as fun and easy to work with.  She laughs till this day getting requests for signed menus via phone calls.

Her second round on Food Network was with Guy’s Grocery Games a year later.  Let’s just say this was a challenging experience, sounding exactly how it looks on the show.

Besides the amazing menu and delicious local goods, we had to ask about the favorite cocktails.  Each juice used in the cocktails is hand juiced daily.  They have a very premium and distinctive flavor and try to focus on the simple aspect so they help elevate the food.  As Amelia described it, “A little bit classy and a little bit trashy.”

If you have not been to Restaurant 415 or if it has been awhile we suggest you go and try some of our favorites including the bacon mac or crispy polenta.