Have you been to the Food Truck Rally?  This family fun event is hosted every Tuesday at City Park in Fort Collins.  Between the trucks, entertainment and all the room to play and enjoy the summer heat this has to be one of our favorite summer events!

Now grab you blanket, water bottle and family and friends and try out our favorites!

1. The Tramp About

If you haven’t tried this truck yet, the Po’ Boy is a must! This scrumptious sandwich cannot be missed with its perfectly spiced sausage and delightful shrimp it is a go to.  Also we suggest requesting slaw instead of chips, you won’t be sorry.

2. Corndoggies

Besides their delectable corndogs (Jalapeno Chicken Gouda and the Mac N’ Cheese dog), their beet fries are a must!  These divine pink fries have the perfect flavor with their house sauce.  Don’t be surprised by the color it comes out in the morning. ;-)

3. Bigs Meat Wagon

Their roasted corn is a must! This tasty deliciousness makes for an easy eat while waiting in line or cruising the park.

4. Silver Seed

Don’t be frightened by this all vegan truck because WOW.  If you are a beet feen like us, try the beet lemonade, you won’t be sorry.  You also cannot go wrong with one of the trips (The Good Trip, The Great Trip or el Buen Viaje), which is a tasty sandwich showcasing artichokes with three different flavor palates.

5. Ba-nom-a-nom

Of course you have to indulge in some dessert, and this is the best of kinds, fruit!  This tasty truck turns fruit into soft serve ice cream for a healthier, dairy free treat for all.  You can’t pass up the classic banana with peanut butter on top.