This is one of our favorite places to eat in Fort Collins.  Not just one of our favorite food trucks but one of the best places to grab a bite in the area.  They have been around for 2 ½ years and continue to put out great food in fun environments around town.

We sat down with Tim and talked a little about the wonderful food experience known as The Tramp About…

Tim and Brandon are the architects behind the truck.  Before opening, they worked the Jax Fish House food cart.  Both have traveled all around the United States and that’s where they get their inspiration for the menu.  From the Po’ Boy to the Cubano to the Pulled Pork Tacos you can find foods fashioned after various fairs around the country.  Aside from their fan favorites they often rotate their menu every few weeks.  This is where the name stems.  Tramp About is an unknowing nod to Mark Twains A Tramp Abroad, the owners picked the name and then discovered the book later, the fit was perfect.  It’s all about taking a culinary adventure through various regions known for their eclectic style.  From New Orleans to Portland you can travel the states with your taste buds.

The truck owners learned how to perfect their process while working for various restaurants and really tasting the food.  Tim gave us a great example of how to really focus on the details of the food.  For instance a BLT can easily be ruined but can just as easily become a delicacy by placing the right ingredients in the right places.  This attention to detail shows up in every dish served from the crafty little cart.

We asked Tim what his favorite places to grab a bite here in town at the moment are.  Jax Fish House, Nick’s Homestyle and The Silver Seed are among the favorite places he tends to indulge his cravings.

The Tramp About is one of the best places to eat in and around town.  You can find them at the food truck rally and regularly at Odell on Thursday and Sunday.  New Belgium gets them on Fridays and they post up at Weldwerks in Greeley on Saturdays.  Next time you see them check these guys out, you will not be disappointed.