When some people hear vegan they tend to get a little scared.  When you try The Gold Leaf Collective all of your worries will melt away. 

Taylor Smith, owner of the well-known Silver Seed food truck has done it again with the new restaurant on Laurel, The Gold Leaf Collective.  Between the food truck, the restaurant, the bakery and the catering company him and his staff can really explore the wonders of the local fresh food scene.

Taylor is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan and came here January 1st, 2014 to sprout up a food truck here in Fort Collins, CO.  With Fort Collins lovin’ on local it was the perfect fit for his exciting new twist on a food truck, The Silver Seed.  With a number of local farms available here in Fort Collins and their willingness to collaborate with local business it seemed like a perfect city. The name comes from the beautiful silver color that happened to be underneath when they were cleaning up the truck. 

Originally it was to be a healthy food truck but some new friends and a new look on life pushed him to try an all vegan truck.  Taylor and his great staff are working in collaboration with a number of local farms in the area to form a rotating fresh menu you can’t find anywhere else.  The menu will rotate about every two weeks or so using as much of the food they can, no waist is a big part of the restaurants culture.  They really focus on keeping all of their food as local as it can be.  It’s a risk if the local farms have a rough year but trust me it is completely worth it once you have a taste.  It is a very rewarding and tasty experience to eat food grown by your neighbors.

One of the coolest things about the restaurant is the atmosphere.  It is so very relaxing and welcoming., candles, waterfalls and plants surround you.  Taylor explained it best “It’s like scrap booking in a room”.  As you look around you notice more and more interesting little things, for instance the tops of the lights are the same as the water cups.  I feel like every time you go in there will be something new that will jump out at you.  You really get to feel close to the chefs creating in the kitchen; the chefs themselves deliver the food to your table as soon as it is prepared ensuring the freshest taste and presentation you can expect.  It is all about connecting with your food and where it comes from.  As Taylor said it best “It’s a soul feeding experience”.

If you’re afraid of the word vegan think again and try the Gold Leaf Collective. Keep an eye out for some local events and classes they will be offering as well as a liquor license, can’t wait to see what they will do with that! Visit thegoldleafcollective.com for more information.