When people ask me about John Lawyer, one word always comes to mind to describe him, passionate.  The Corndog King of Northern Colorado is so much more than a corndog slinger; he is an Asian inspired chef, as well as a flavor cuisine rock star whom just so happened to grow up in an Italian restaurant in Longmont, Colorado.

John actually started his journey in the food scene as early as thirteen working at an Italian place with his family.  He remembered growing up loving the kitchen and even asking for a blender for his birthday in 8th grade.

He started taking cooking seriously when living in Springfield, IL working in an Asian restaurant where he became the Sous Chef.  He ended up helping open a couple of Asian restaurants, learning the art of sushi and other delicious Asian cuisine until he was able to purchase his own restaurant.  Besides the typical cuisine he also loved experimenting adding pop rocks into his Firecracker roll long before it became a popular concept.

Once he realized it was time to come back to Colorado, John sold the business and went back to school for respiratory therapy.  As rewarding as this career was and still is for him, he missed the creative aspect he had with cooking and decided to jump back in the game.

John and his co-owner Natalie are big into cycling and one day were riding up Left Hand Canyon to Ward, CO when they noticed a street sign in the woods.  The street sign read, “Lickskillet Road” and they thought how awesome of a name that would be for a café one day.  Later, they made a fake restaurant on Facebook and started posting photos of the meals John was cooking for her and their friends and they started getting calls for reservations to their restaurant which is when the idea of the food truck was born (Lickskillet is now the name of John’s catering company).

They found the truck in Loveland, bought it, sat on it for a bit then finally gutted it and turned it into the famous Corndoggies truck we all know and love today.   This truck was not always going to be a corndogs truck but John knew he wanted to do a retro food and make it modern and Corndoggies was born.  They went to a white trash 4th of July party, pulled up in their new truck and jokingly made all of these mini dogs for their friends.  The joke ended up being on them because they were a huge hit and after more and more friends told them how much they loved them they realized, this was the food they needed to do with their truck.

As many of you can agree, Corndoggies is a much loved Fort Collins staple.  Just between you and us, a second Corndoggies truck is on the way! Personally, having been to a couple of John’s special dinners we cannot wait to see what this chef has up his sleeve in the world beyond corndogs.  Keep an eye and an ear out for their new ramen experience…