We made our way into Mainline Ale House and sat in the private glass window room with a great group of people.  Every table looked welcoming, and ready for the delicious foods and drinks to come.

Our first course included compressed fruit salad w/ fresh honeydew, pineapple, watermelon, balsamic caviar pearls paired with Perambulation Ale from Horse & Dragon Brewing and Big Easy Chenin Blanc from South Africa.  The compressed fruit looked luscious with amazing flavor and color. The balsamic caviar was a perfect touch.   The beer was absolutely wonderful, only made once a year and each generation being different always makes it interesting.  For an ale, it had a sour touch to it while still being refreshing, this is one we have to get our hands on again.   The Big Easy Chenin Blanc (a winery owned by the one and only Ernie Els) was also delicious and light with this delightful pairing.

For the second course we enjoyed pork belly steam buns, brown sugar pears and toasted pine nuts paired with Agitated Aardvark IPA from Horse & Dragon and Chime Pinot Noir, from California.  Claire has always wanted to try steam buns and boy did they not disappoint, so very tasty.  The brown sugar pears were a great touch with the pork belly.  The hops in the IPA were a great pairing with the mellow flavors of the sandwich and the Noir really complemented the buns as well.

The third course included Colorado lamb rack, curry whipped potato and charred romanesco paired with Scottish Tradesman Coconut Porter from Horse & Dragon and The Pundit Syrah, from Washington.  The curry whipped potatoes were the best.  The flavor of both the curry and potato came out nicely without overpowering the other, which made this a wonderful marriage of two foods.  Both drinks in the third course were delicious and really brought the meal together.

For the fourth and final course we had strawberry shortcake and white chocolate mousse paired with Citrus Fiesta from Horse & Dragon Brewing and 14 Hands Sparkling Rose from Washington.  The strawberry shortcake was served in a very inventive way, white chocolate mousse and jello making up the layers.  The Citrus Fiesta was on the sour side, which was great to cut the sugar and the 14 Hands Sparkling Rose was delicious and great on its own.

We ended the night after meeting some great new people and having the always wonderful feeling of a full satisfied belly.