As we walked into the Moot House, the English style pub, we were excited to see what the beer dinner with Ballast Point Brewing would bring.   It was a fun setting and a good opportunity to meet some new interesting people.

As we got to know each other, our first beer arrived at the table, Sculpin IPA.  A refreshing beer paired with one of our favorite dishes, Korean fried chicken, scallion guanchong gastrique, with a hoisin barbecure sauce.  The chicken was lightly breaded and the greens and sauce were delightful together with the beer.

The next brew delivered to our table was a blackberry sour winch.  This was our favorite beer of the evening.  Served beautifully to our table was diver sea scallop, pea shoots, blackberry reduction, with fennel essence.  The scallop was cooked perfectly and the thick piece of bacon was a wonderful surprise hiding beneath.  It really mellowed out the tartness of the sour beer making it a great match.

The following beer was Manta Ray, an employee competition made IPA.  This tasty beer was paired with the most surprising and delicious dish of the evening, bhuna gost, Colorado lamb, tap root puree and mint chutney.  This was an amazing dish resembling a stew that was definitely a highlight.

Next up, Bourbon Barrel Aged Tongue Buckler (a great name for a beer) paired with maple leaf duck, “cascabel” butter, accompanied with maytag blue cheese polenta.  The sauce on the duck was delicious and paired nicely with the blue cheese polenta, not overdone on the blue cheese.

Dan loved our next dish, spinalis dorsi, langosta, chard, “vitellote” puree.  The steak was cooked rare with a similar surf and turf touch with the lobster piece on top.  Both pieces were served deliciously over “vitellote” puree, a yummy purple potato mash.  This dish was nicely paired with Victory at Sea, a coffee porter.

Last but not least was the vanilla bean geniuses white chocolatier mousse, bulls blood “essence”, sea salt pistachio sable paired with Red Velvet, a blonde beer with a hint of beets giving it that velvety red color.  This dessert was perfect, not too sweet but really left the mouth watering.  The white chocolatier mousse was delicious with the moist pieces of cake.  The pieces of sea salt pistachio sable was a perfect touch to top it all off.

After coming here we were a little ashamed and embarrassed that we had never been to the Moot House before.  It has been a Fort Collins staple for years and you better believe we will be back as we were treated to such a wonderful dining experience.