Are you looking for a place that will make your wedding cake? Looking to grab a pastry and a cup of coffee? Or looking to grab a quick lunch? Look no further than your local neighborhood bakery, Daddy Cakes!  We stopped by and asked them a few questions and sampled some of the goods.  We were not disappointed.

Daddy Cakes is located at 514 S. College Avenue next to Big City Burrito.  Rudy and Angi Burns came from Arkansas and purchased Babette’s Feast, a local catering company in September of 2011.  After doing that for a while they got excited to grow from a catering company into a retail bakery.  The name comes from their friends and family calling them Mom and Dad. They are open from 7-4 Monday through Friday and 7-2 on Saturdays, closed on Sundays.  You can also find some of their pastries in local businesses around town.

Daddy Cakes concentrates on mainly…cakes.  Yes they are great at making cakes, for different occasions such as weddings, birthdays and just the average Tuesday that needs a cake.  If you just want a slice you can always go that route as well.  The bakery even has cake stations where you can watch the artists at work.  Rudy said it reminded him of the old pizza parlors.  The owners really foster an environment of creativity that focuses on making the cake look great while also tasting great.  The staff consists of the Burns and four other employees.  They also offer quiche, sandwiches, salads and a variety of both sweet and savory croissants, and magic bars (really quite addicting) as well as carrot cake, flourless chocolate torte, lemon bars, scones and it goes on.  Is your mouth watering yet?   You can wash it all down with the great coffee they offer.  They made their own house blend choosing the roasting temperature to the type of bean used.  They get this coffee through an organization that deals more in direct purchasing and as the owner put it is “coffee with a purpose”.  Oh and a little bit of an inside tip… donuts may be on the way.

The one thing that stuck with me other than the delicious treats was what the owner said his mission was with this bakery, to simply feed others.  That about says it all to me.  So stop by and grab a smile and a pastry.