Food truck… seen it.  Sandwich shop… seen it.  Put them together with a passionate team and great ingredients and you have something truly special.  Curbed Hunger is not your run of the mill sandwich truck.  From The Pickled Islander to The Figgy Stardust you are sure to find something you will both enjoy and make you question the sandwich choices you have made all your life.

Owner and operator Brennan McAuliffe before joining us here in beautiful Northern Colorado was managing a pizza restaurant up in Leadville, CO.  He wanted to step out on his own and use the knowledge and experience he had gained to start his own culinary adventure.  Sandwiches seemed like a simple enough transition from the pizza world so the food behind Curbed Hunger was born.  Along with his partners Allison Ziraldo and Jason Skinner they have come up with some very unique and tasty sandwiches but there is nothing simple about it.  We tried both two sandwiches I mentioned earlier and were not disappointed.  The Pickled Islander is made up of jerk braised pulled pork with jicama-fennel slaw and green chili crema and the Figgy Stardust consists of grilled steak with caramelized onion and fig jam with blue cheese crumbles and baby arugula.  If your mouth isn’t watering you may want to get that checked out.  You can tell from the ingredients I just mentioned that these are not your everyday meat and cheese sandwiches.  Each sandwich is made to order and is totally worth waiting a couple minutes.  You can taste how unique these sandwiches are with just one bite.  The jicama-fennel slaw was truly something I would never think of but tastes so very good (plus its fun to say). 

The food truck seen is continuing to thrive and we are very excited for that.  There is nothing like rolling up to one of your favorite breweries and seeing one of you favorite food trucks parked outside.  It’s a win win situation for everyone involved and that’s why Northern Colorado is such a great place to be.  The collaboration and comradery shown by the various places around here makes it a very special culinary hotspot.

If you haven’t tried Curbed Hunger we recommend hunting them down and reinventing what you thought a sandwich could be.  Take a look at for more information on catering and locations.