Food truck work is hard work.  We have talked to multiple food trucks around the area and we have definitely learned how difficult it is to keep a good food truck working at tip-top shape.  We met the owners of The Taco Stop at their prep kitchen and learned a little more about the ins and outs of the business.

The Taco Stop has been around for five years and shows no sign of slowing down.  Owners Cesar and Berenice are hard at work keeping this mobile eatery running at full steam.  Berenice is originally from Texas and Cesar is from Mexico City so you know you are getting an authentic experience.  Cesar started his culinary career while living in Mexico City.  He sacrificed and learned all he could when he could.  He actually won some safety competitions at work, which allowed him to attend culinary school.  This helped him to hone his skills and recipes even further.  When they came to Fort Collins their dreams of owning a food truck quickly were realized.

The Taco Stop now consists of the original cart, the trailer and now the new addition to the taco family the truck.  The new truck is a stunning piece of machinery.  As you approach it you quickly see the beautiful colors but as you come closer you start to see more and more detail.  The Mexico City skyline surrounded by flying tacos is a truly awesome touch.  Aside from the absolute beauty the truck also offers a wider menu selection.  The Taco Stop is known for its amazing street tacos and quesadillas but the truck is allowing the team to spread its taco wings and include nachos, salad bowls, burritos and even breakfast!

As we spoke with the owners we got a great inside look at what it takes to keep them at the top of their game.  They are at their prep kitchen almost every day making it (as Berenice said) their second home.  We got to step inside the new truck and take a look around.  The trailer was a little tight but we were told the truck, among its other pluses, allows the taller guys to work more comfortably which  I can absolute appreciate.

Cesar and Berenice are among some of the more driven and focused owners we have met.  The love and care they show for their craft and their team is a most welcome and refreshing sight.  Cesars quote about how he is trying to run a business where every one from the top to the bottom benefits is how every business should run.

For more about The Taco Stop and more info about where you can find them visit their website