Now we all know Fort Collins is overflowing with restaurants and food trucks and breweries but every now and again it’s good to venture out a little bit and see what other towns have to offer.  We recently were invited to Peel Handcrafted Pizza in Frederick, just south of Longmont.  The drive was absolutely worth the trip and some!

Peel Handcrafted Pizza has been open since 2015 and is the quintessential family owned and operated restaurant.  From the head chef to the wine expert just about everyone is in some way connected to the family.  The building was once a coffee shop and the wood in the restaurant is original to the local grocery store that used to be located next door.  They really put a huge enfaces on keeping their food as local as it can get and that really shines through in the fresh tasting ingredients. 

We started our meal with a cheese and meat board that would rival any we have tried.  The Maple Cheddar was one I wouldn’t mind having every day of the week and the beer pickles were something to write home about.  Next we had a Kale Salad that really highlighted the fresh local ingredients they stand for.  The Chardonnay they recommended was the perfect paring for this crisp tasty pile of greens.  We also tried one of the staffs cocktail she concocted, Taste of Sunshine, which we definitely recommend. After the salad we were then served a delicious Meatball and Pappardelle Pasta, which was a pasta with meatballs that I would definitely recommend.  As we were chatting with our friend Chea the main attraction arrived…the pizzas!  Now we have all have a favorite pizza place and we all eat pizza pretty regularly.  As you begin to venture out and try different pies you pick up certain flavors and textures that are special to that particular pizza.  One of the things we always look for is a good crust.  That to me is the trademark of a great pizza, you can pile any number of ingredients on top but if you don’t have a solid base to build on, the pizza is lost.  Peel definitely scored an A+ on their delightful dough.  We had the honor of trying two very delicious pizzas.  The first pizza, fungo, had 3 different types of mushrooms and truffle oil, definitely not your everyday.  It was so well balanced and never overwhelming.  Now we aren’t fungus fanatics but we have been forcing ourselves to try them more and more and are acquiring somewhat of a taste for them.  A great introduction to mushrooms is definitely atop a tasty pizza.  The other pizza was there classic pepperoni with a subtle but very intriguing twist.  No mozzarella used at all but instead parmesan was substituted.  This gave their pepperoni pizza a certain character all its own.  To top it all off they supplied us with 3 different deserts to try: the Lori Lees Truffle Trio, Chai Crème Brulee, and the Pie in a Jar.  All three were so good.  The truffles are actually from a local chocolate shop right down the street.  We definitely are huge fans of crème brulee and the chai mixed in was truly a treat for the taste buds as was the pie in a jar.  The drinks that we got to try stand alone all by themselves but they did a great job pairing certain wines and beers with the dishes that were served.  I wish we would have taken better notes on the beverages but I guess we will just have to make another trip back so we can learn more. 

Not only was the food so very tasty but the service was absolutely top notch.  They really went out of their way to make it a truly comfortable and inviting experience.  When you have wonderful food served by wonderful people you have a recipe for success.  Thank you for a great culinary experience from top to bottom.