A local chef and a few interested food enthusiasts have taken over the Welsh Rabbit Bistro every Sunday.   Come on by or call and get your name on a seat, Josie Sexton will be waiting to walk you through a very enticing foodie experience.

This is a new concept coming here to Fort Collins, a pop-up restaurant.  The name is Brick + Mortar.

They have both brunch and dinner that is constantly rotating from week to week.  Local chef Cameron Trezoglou has a month long collaboration with the restaurant and is serving up some exciting and interesting food.  The focus is on local home grown ingredients, a lot of which you wouldnโ€™t guess is from around here.

We went for dinner and tried some wonderful options.  One of our favorite things we had was the salad foraged from areas around Fort Collins.  The edible flowers not only looked amazing on the salad they added some great flavor.  The smoked trout was cooked to perfection and had a most enjoyable smoky flavor without being overpowering.  Perhaps the best part of the meal was the sunflower ice cream, with one special way to present it, dry ice.  The ice cream was placed in a ramekin on top a bed of dry ice and a bit of water was poured in to activate the ice and produce a smoky ambiance you have to experience.

It always feels great to support local business and it tastes great to eat local.  This place hits both of those points right on the head.  I definitely recommend giving them a call and getting your name on the list for the next great culinary adventure.