With the two-year anniversary of Nuance Chocolates coming up we decided to ask the owner Toby Gadd a few questions.

Why did you decide to open a chocolate shop?

I just love chocolate that is the main reason.  I was born a chocoholic, when I was a kid I would always trade my candy items for chocolate after Halloween.  My wife and I took a trip to Costa Rica and toured a chocolate museum where you made a simple chocolate at the end and it was almost bizarre how good it was.  Soon after we were purchasing thousands of dollars of equipment to make chocolate for fun.  I got to a point where I just didn’t want to be in the corporate environment anymore and sold my previous business and soon our hobby turned into a business.

How did you come up with the name Nuance?

My wife and I would go on walks with our dog and would munch on chocolate and we would discuss the various subtleties and nuances each different chocolate had to offer.  We made lists and Nuance was always on the list.  There are as much as 600 different flavor compounds in chocolate making it more diverse than most foods.  This definitely makes it hard to get bored.

What is your favorite chocolate?

That’s a tough question.  It all depends on what time of day it is or what I may be drinking at the time. Much like all of the great beer in town I may like a good crisp pale ale after a bike ride or a nice dark porter on a cold night.  Chocolate is very similar in that respect.

What does Nuance offer?

We have milk, flavored milk, dark and single origin bars.   At this moment we have forty-three different bars in the case. We currently have nineteen single origin bars, largest selection in the world.  We have sipping chocolates and brewing chocolate and chocolate with coffee and other great drinks with chocolate.   We also have hand rolled truffles, nibs for baking, cacao powder and a few other things.  Our factory is just two blocks away on Oak Street. Choosing the right cocoa bean is important we only accept about twenty percent of the beans we receive to make chocolate.  We are very serious about getting ethically and sustainably sourced beans.

What is your favorite drink in Old Town?

The Fort Collins beer scene is good in my opinion.  It’s hard to choose a favorite.  I really like the Spicy Punjabi at Cooper Smiths, any beer on the porch at Odell is great, Snowbank has one that uses my chocolate that I also really love.

What is your favorite desert to get in town?

Honestly I really like my chocolate a lot.  Copper Muse has a sipping chocolate with rum that is really tasty (Nuance and Copper Muse did this before for a special event, it is not available year round).  The Kitchen made a hazelnut tort using our Madagascar chocolate that was amazing!  Frozen yogurt is always a family favorite. 

What local vendors have you collaborated with?

We have done things with Feisty Spirits, Copper Muse, Coffee Registry, Bean Cycle, Golden Poppy and a number of breweries around town including: Odell, New Belgium, Snowbank and 1933.  We also have done a little with Blue Skys Winery and Savory Spice.  We also have joined up with The Lyric where we provided some tasty samples to go with the movie Chocolate.  I love to always support local. 

What is your favorite activity to do around town?

I have always loved cycling and mountain biking.  I love just being around the Old Town Area and being a part of the local community.

Why a Goat as the mascot?

It has always kind of been a family mascot.  My wife grew up with goats around.  Goats are very prevalent in regions around the world that grow cacao.  And honestly they are just fun goofy animals that we like.