We were so excited when we saw the tickets go up for the Small Batch Revival.  What could be more exciting than revisiting some of your favorite past brews as well as some delicious new ones?

The atmosphere of the event was mellow, very spread out with plenty of room to roam.  The short lines around the five different beer taps were a nice touch with the great food options including The Goodness, The Tramp About, and Silver Seed.  We enjoyed a sandwich from both The Tramp About and Silver Seed as we made our way through the various beer choices around the grounds.

We started our day off with 59er an Oak Aged Brett Golden Ale and Zard Alu a Sour Apricot Ale.  59er was a great paring with our po’boy from The Tramp About and Zard Alu was refreshing and perfect for a warm summery day.

Following those we tried our two favorites of the day, the Crème Brulee Cutthroat Porter Firkin and Strawberry/Kiwi St. Lupulin Firkin. Since Cutthroat Porter is one of our all time favorite beers and crème brulee a dessert favorite of ours we couldn’t pass this beer up and it did not disappoint.  This beer had the classic taste with a hint of the sweet caramel flavor. Absolutely amazing!  We also loved the Strawberry/Kiwi St. Lupulin, an interesting fruity beer with a lot of flavor.

Then to finish up the day we enjoyed the Margarita Easy Street Wheat Firkin and Pineapple IPA Firkin. 

Now we just have to cross our fingers that Crème Brulee Cutthroat Porter Firkin and Strawberry/Kiwi St. Lupulin Firkin make an appearance again in our lives and so do my sunnies, seriously if you see some lost shiny Ray Bans aviators message us.