I can truly say for how much I love salmon, I have never been to a salmon bake before and was not sure what to expect when showing up at New Belgium on this warm, sunny evening.  After meeting up with a friend we started exploring and noticed people gathering around the salmon bake itself.  While drooling over the large piece of salmon stretched out over wood blanks, my eyes looked to the fire pit and I noticed it was New Belgium half kegs cut in half.  That was such an interesting and cool site to see (and we do have photos on our Instagram account @savoringfortcollins).

Bofore the main course began I found myself enjoying a fruit fly passionfruit citra sour along with some delicious potato bacon skewers, beet pickled deviled eggs, cucumber gazpacho shooters, and oysters on the half shelf.  My two favorites were the potato bacon skewers (the thick bacon was absolutely amazing I craved it for days), the beet pickled deviled eggs were also a stunning addition and had a delicious pickled flavor which complimented the deviled egg itself.

Soon after we all sat down on picnic tables, family style, with classic place settings surrounded by wonderful people and a very inviting and comfortable environment.  This is when they served one of my favorite beers of the evening, the flowering citrus ale (which is a collaboration with de konink).  This beer was smooth, sweet, and what I would call the perfect summer beer.  Before the second course came out, we all enjoyed some great cheesy bread with butter.  Then we were served our next course, the snapshot braised beet salad with watermelon radish and fromage blanc, snapshot vinaigrette.  This salad was one of my favorites of the evening since I am such a huge fan of Native Hill Farms beets.  This was also my first time finally getting to enjoy the elusive watermelon radish, which was delicious! I will be on the hunt for this again this summer!

The third course included sides such as fat tire farro salad, garden sweet farms grilled kale, and fried rice lucero served with juicy mandarina ipa.  The fat tire farro salad included arugula, macerated tomato, feta, olive and gremolata vinaigrette.  This was absolutely dynamite.  These flavors paired together perfectly, and I will have to try to make something similar, key word is try. The garden sweet farms grilled kale included gigande beans and spring root soffrito. the kale had an amazing flavor.  The last side, the fried rice lucero, included native hill farms rapini and hazel dell mushrooms, which was also quite good.  After the sides came the main attraction, the thing that caught hold of my craving at the beginning of the night and never let go.  The fire roasted salmon with three dipping sauces…including Fresno cucumber aioli, bacon onion jam, and spring ratatouille vinaigrette.  The salmon and the spring ratatouille vinaigrette were absolutely mind blowing!  With the salmon they paired the ever scrumptious, aged cascara quad.

To top it all off they served the bing cherries jubilee with brown butter semolina pound cake, housemade ricotta and olive oil toasted almonds paired with one of my all time favorite beers, tart lychee!   This was the absolute cherry on top.  The pound cake was soft and sweet, but not overtly sweet.  The housemade ricotta I could not get enough of and the olive oil toasted almonds were just the right touch.

This dinner was extremely enjoyable.  I loved everything from the setting, to the family style servings and the opportunity to meet some great new people.  There just isn’t anything quite like eating a great meal paired with the perfect tasty craft brew.