During the Caffeine Crawl this past August, we got to experience the amazing Cranked Up Coffee.  Since we are huge fans of beer on nitro, we knew nitro coffee had to be just as amazing and it was!  After this experience we had to learn more about Larry, the owner of Cranked Up Coffee and what inspired him to start his business.

1.  What made you decide to dip into the coffee world?

I have always enjoyed working on machines as well as cooking and 3 years ago started building a home coffee roaster. After extensive research and trial and error I built several roasters always striving to make the contraption better. With this process I gained a great amount of coffee knowledge and fell in love with extracting so many different flavors, some subtle, some strong. 

After working in the trades as an hvac mechanic for most of my life I wanted to enjoy something new where I could apply my skill set, be outside riding, and share something with others they will appreciate. Voila Cranked Up Coffee

2.  Why nitro coffee/tea?

I read about nitro coffee almost 2 years ago and knew before even trying it that it would be delicious. I ordered commercial equipment shortly after with out tasting it before hand and was right. The body that nitro coffee has when made properly is like a soft velvety and bubbly stream of smooth flavor. 

There are so many different types of coffee that produce different flavors when infused with nitrogen. No two will be the same and much like beer different brewers will have different flavor profiles and methods. It can be as simple or as complex as one wants to make it. I enjoy continuously striving for  better flavor extraction and smooth texture. It is liquid alchemy.

3. Where do you get your coffee beans?

I source my beans from local roasters in Fort Collins and the front range including Peritus who has an amazing espresso blend, Cafe Richesse who source beans from their own family's plantation in Brazil, Copper Door in Denver who roasts fully on wind and solar power and am excited to continue featuring other Fort Collins roasters on our rotating tap. 

4. Where can people find your cart? When?

People can find Cranked Up Coffee's nitro coffee bike on SW corner of Mountain and College by Rare Italian Cuisine most days of the week 10-2 sometimes in earlier in the AM and often later in the PM or Call for delivery 970-237-0334 (business and home).  We can also be found at many events all over town and are available for booking, weddings, business meetings, parties and hangovers we got what you need. Cranked Up Coffee can also be found at Tap and Handle at 307 S College Ave. 

5. What made you choose Fort Collins?

I chose to start a business Fort Collins because I have lived here for 5 years and love it. Craft beer brewing and bikes, now craft coffee is on the rise! This town is always pushing itself to become better resulting in new and interesting businesses.

6. What are your top coffee shops in town when going out?

I have always enjoyed relaxing at the Wild Boar Cafe on South College.

7. What's your favorites hobby or hobbies?

I enjoy hiking and camping, sometimes in more extreme environmental settings. I'm a sci fi and fantasy nerd for sure and I like throwing the lacrosse ball around or just sitting on the lawn at City Park. 


Come and check out Cranked Up's other drink offerings nitro matcha green tea, nitro spiced black tea, spicy n sweet ginger bubbly, made to order nitro cream soda. Nitro coffee frappes with chocolate sauce drizzled on top and coming soon gourmet muffins and pastries. Best gluten free muffin ever.