Beer and food and food and beer.  There are few things that put a smile on my face more than these two things, but when you put them together they can make the other one that much better.

Pairing a good beer with good food is an art and a craft.  It has been gaining more and more traction and sliding right in there next to a good wine pairing.  Beer as we all know is a big part of the Fort Collins food scene.  That is why The Brewers Table, a beer and restaurant team from Austin, Texas decided to try out this fairly new concept with us here in our lovely city.

New Belgium was gracious enough to provide a wonderful setting for this taste bud party.  As we entered the confines of the brewery we were ushered up to a beautiful room where we would be partaking in our food and beer experience.  We were then greeted with a fire roasted cauliflower chip and dip with smoked trout roe, wow what a treat for the tongue.  As the roe still lingered delicately we headed for the bar to see what exciting new beers awaited us.  First up to bat was the Sour Blended Saison.  Lately sours have been on the forefront of my beer brain and this one did not disappoint.  As we made our way to our seats we noticed the tables weren’t adorned with the usual salt and pepper.  On each table we were presented with fresh hop salt, beer wort pickles, spiced brewer’s yeast, fermented pear buttermilk dressing and malted vinegar. We made sure to try each and every thing.  The pickles covered in the spiced yeast and pear dressing was just the right thing to get our palate primed for more.

As we were getting to know our fellow beer and food lovers at the table, the next course was emerging from the recesses of the brewery.  Fall squash barbeque with charred vegetable tare and blistered brassicas with pecan sauce and smoked goat feta, paired with an imperial coffee sour stout, wow…  The squash was sliced in half and filled with a succulent pecan sauce making it one of the favorites of the night.

Now that our mouths had been entertained we were ready for the main attraction, the meat.  First out was the grilled Alamosa striped bass with boiled potatoes (the hop salt and malted vinegar was a welcome addition) paired with a whiskey barrel aged Fat Tire.  Sometimes whiskey barrel aged beers can be a little much for us but this one had an amazing nose any plastic surgeon would be happy to call their own.  Some might find it tough to eat something that is staring back at you from the plate but picking the meat from the bones of a big gorgeous fish is a great experience everyone needs to try.  Just as our belts were starting to protest we were presented with a most enticing rotisserie Texas lamb shoulder with fire roasted alliums matched with the ever tasty blackberry Oscar.  You can always taste the extra love that goes into a slow roasted prime cut of meat and this one had a lot of love.

No great foodie experience is without a great desert to bring it all together.  Poached apples and pears with brown butter sable and wort cream paired with a honey orange tripel.  Need I say more?

We have never had a good reason to go to Texas but we can’t wait to take a trip to Austin and see these guys in their natural habitat!