Every Valentines day we like to avoid the craziness of restaurants and build our own meat and cheese board at home.  Pair the board with your favorite bottle of wine or beer and you are sure to have a great Valentines Day. 

For the wine or beer we suggest a Pinot (red or white) to pair or if you go the beer route, try a beer aged in a wine barrel.

The perfect charcuterie board always depends on what types of meats and cheese you are in the mood to try.  We tend to go with a known and loved cheese and extras and everything else new to try.  The Welsh Rabbit has a great selection and their shop makes it so simple to get cheese, meats and extras to go so we tend to stop here.

When we are deciding what will be on our board we think of the various boards we have tried around town and think about what we liked and didnโ€™t like about them.  Over the years our selection has changed and evolved.  Luckily The Welsh Rabbit has everything we are looking for.  We like to choose around three different meats and three to four different cheeses.  The cheeses you choose are always up to your discretion but we like to select a goat cheese, cheddar and Brie but this will change as we come across different intriguing cheeses. With the meats we honestly pick three that just sound really good to our taste boards at the time, one usually has some spice to it. We like to add some pickled sweet peppers and nuts to round out the board.  This gives you some different tastes and textures to keep your tongue guessing. 

This Valentines Day change it up and do a night in.  Its fun to pick out your board and even more fun to eat it.