In our house we love to have tasty appetizers around on game day. 

One of our favorites is buffalo cauliflower.  This recipe is super simple and everyone’s favorite!  Usually we love to get colorful cauliflower but for this appetizer I suggest getting white.  Sometimes it is easy to eyeball how much flour is needed in this recipe, you do not want the batter to be have too much liquid.  The perfect dip for this is ranch or blue cheese dressing just like you would use for wings.  We also suggest using something simple like Frank’s Wing sauce.  This is our favorite for easy homemade wings.

Another favorite for any beer or cheese lover is beer cheese dip.  Instead of dipping pretzels in like the recipe suggests we tend to get veggies like carrots, celery, and cauliflower along with some chips.  Our favorite beer to include in the dip is Fat Tire beer from New Belgium.  This classic amber ale is the perfect touch for this dip.  Sometimes we use pepper jack for an extra kick but other times we just use cheddar depending on our mood.

Our last game day treat includes the Asian tacos with turnip and apple salsa from Brassicas.   This delicious taco includes lettuce wraps, ground turkey with teriyaki sauce, and salsa made with green apples, turnips, sea salt and cilantro.  This is the perfect tasty light touch to the end of a day of heavy eating.

Favorite game day beers include: Cutthroat Porter from Odell Brewing Co. and Sad Panda from Horse & Dragon Brewery.  For the lighter beer lovers we also enjoy Abbey from New Belgium Brewery and Saison from Funkwerks.

For the non-cook, quick pick up favorites: We find Trader Joe’s has some excellent options such as the spinach artichoke dip and mac n’ cheese bites.

Not feeling cooking: Try the Wing Shack! Locations through northern Colorado.  We suggest calling the day before for large orders and plan ahead!