In college I was always that student that had to enjoy a cup of soup from Spoons Soups , Salads & Sandwiches on Thursdays because I knew it was Green Chile Cheddar Soup with 90 Shilling Ale day.  When Cooking with Beer in Colorado came out I was so excited to see local recipes from all of our favorite restaurants, but ecstatic to see this recipe in the book.

When we decided to try this recipe at home we used our Lodge Dutch oven, which is the secret to all my tasty soup recipes.  This recipe in the book is excellent and takes it step by step on how to cook the soup.   This is one of the recipes we did not change up and measured out exactly and it tasted just like the Spoons version of the recipe. 

This book is an excellent book if you enjoy many of the popular recipes around town, and is a stunning housewarming gift for any local.