We have been discovering all kinds of wonderful places around town using the Passport over the past few years but this summers’ addition is our favorite so far!  The addition of the Field Trips section is such a great idea and the selection offered around town is second to none. Today we are going to highlight our top 5 destinations we are excited to try this summer.  (Keep in mind these are places we are excited to try not necessarily our favorites).

1:  Ok this may be kind of cheating but I am going to start with the 4 field trips as my first place in the passport this summer. Big Fat Pastor Spirits in Loveland is the first field trip and we are super excited to visit our friendly neighbor to the South.  This is a distillery we have been meaning to try for some time now and that’s the beauty of the Passport, gets you out of your box.  Paddlers Pub is just North of town and is owned and operated by rafters on our beautiful Cache Le Poudre River. Great beer and a river view, need I say more?  Ten Bears Winery in up in Laporte is another great spot to check out. We decided to head up there a couple Sundays ago and were not disappointed.  As we approached we noticed an empty lot and lumbered up to the door only to find out that they aren’t traditionally open on Sundays. Well moments later the owner came screaming up in his car as he saw us pull up and was eager to help us with whatever we needed.  After having a couple glasses on the beautiful winery grounds with foothills and vineyards to gaze at we couldn’t leave without a bottle to enjoy later.  The last filed trip is one of our all-time favorites, Verboten Brewing. We really don’t need any more reason than the absolutely wonderful beer they offer to go here but the Passport will certainly bring us back.

2:  Avuncular Bob’s Beerhouse is a very intriguing new addition to the passport and an intriguing addition to Fort Collins. Located off College just east of campus we have yet to try this new beer collection.  With over 20 taps and a nice food menu we are super excited to see what Bob has to offer.  Stay tuned for more on this new exciting adventure.

3:  Intersect Brewing is next on our list of places to visit.  We did a story on them earlier this year but regretfully have failed to return.  The beers we have tried have been wonderful and we are excited to see what they have concocted since.  It’s a little off the beaten path but the shiniest gems usually are.

4:  Another great place that we NEED to go to more is Locality Kitchen and Bar.  One of our favorite places to eat in town for one but for two they have amazing cocktails.  Some of you may remember we did a story on one of the head bartenders and were lucky enough to try a few of their signature cocktails.  Definitely wouldn’t mind checking out their summer cocktail offerings with a side of Hazel Dell Mushrooms.   

5:  Another place we have been meaning to go back to is Otto Pint.  The first time we went there we got a pizza to go and enjoyed it very much but have really wanted to go back and have a delicious pie and beer at their very summer friendly location.  Pizza + Beer + Sunshine…

Cheers to more summer Passport fun!