The Fort Collins Passport Program is a guide to delicious boozy drinks around the city; they have also blessed us with some fun field trips outside of the city this summer too. It is a great tool to take you to favorites and also help you discover new favorites alike.  

This “passport” is filled with 40 bars/restaurants for you to enjoy 2 for 1 drinks; you can either share with a friend or significant other or have both drinks to yourself, there are no rules.  Personally, we love going as a pair but also meeting our friends (first you have to convince them into getting the passport) and spreading the adventure around for all.  We are really excited this year personally for the field trip portion.  Sometimes we get stuck in our ruts and plan to discover some new places a little bit further away.

Are you wondering why you should do the passport still?  It is honestly a fun couple of months trying to make your way through some of Fort Collins favorites and some possible new favorites.  It gets you out of your box, gets you to loosen up on those ruts, and have fun new experiences with friends and partners. Pro tip: we bring easy to travel with games to make it an extra fun experience for all.  After all, you may find a new hang out you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

Best part this year, there are also food deals, Lyft deals and a couple of other fun surprises. So join us on this journey, grab a passport and tag us in all of your favorites on Instagram @savoringfortcollins.