The German beer purity law was introduced more than 500 years ago in the year 1516.  Today breweries are testing those boundaries and putting things in beer we never would have imagined.  We travel all over Colorado looking for great and interesting beer (there is a lot) but we don’t have to travel too far to find, in our opinion, some of the best beer around.

Verboten, located in downtown Loveland, is and has been one of our favorite breweries ever since we had our very first sip of Killer Boots at their old location.  They have been slinging beers in Loveland for 5 years now and have quickly gathered a following both near and far winning multiple awards for their brewing magnificence.  Josh and Angie Grenz and their partner Jason Bowser are pushing the limits of beer while still keeping it very drinkable and enjoyable for all tastes.  Josh grew up here in Fort Collins while Angie started her adventure in West Virginia.  Growing up here in Fort Collins, Josh was introduced to some great beer early on.  Being a home brewer and a beer enthusiast it was only a matter of time before he turned his hobby into a business.  As soon as their vacations became “beercations” Angie knew this obsession wouldn’t take long to blossom into something more.  They came together and decided to start a brewery of their very own.  At the time Fort Collins had a little more brewing competition so they decided the slower more relaxed atmosphere of Loveland would suit their business model more readily.  3 years ago Jason joined the team from Michigan and they have been a happy beer family ever since. We asked the owners about what they like to eat and drink.  All across the board they agreed that barrel aged beers take the cake (German chocolate maybe?).  IPAs and stouts are always a welcome glass.  Some of their favorite eateries include but are not limited to: Door 222, Origins, Jax Fish House among others.

They are constantly striving to better their brewing and drinking experience.  With their downtown location looking to expand even further with more space for barrel aging (one of our favorites) and events we are super excited to see what lies ahead in this forbidden cache of golden suds.  Ask them about some of their beer names and you may be delighted to find out your favorite beverage may have something in common with your favorite pop culture reference.  One of our first loves and continuing affairs with Verbotens beers started with the Roll in Ze Hay series they continue to pump out.  The first time we had the Roll in Ze Hay Watermelon our taste buds were shocked at what they were being introduced to.  We proceeded to hunt down every bottle we could find and horded them all for ourselves.  One of their newest releases and a beer style that is gaining momentum is the Brut IPA.  Gaining popularity on the West coast and quickly spreading across the beer world the Brut IPA is a new spin on the wonderful IPAs we have all grown to love.  Super easy drinking and refreshing this beer has a delightful dry bite with a subtle wine character giving it a kind of champagne beer feeling.  The absolute perfect beer for enjoying a gorgeous Colorado summer afternoon on a porch.  Every time we make it out to Loveland it’s not often we don’t feel the unrelenting pull of great beer.  The slogan at Verboten is “Beer for ALL”.  In this day in age we could all use a little more of that.