Horses, dragons and beers… now if that doesn’t add up to a good time I don’t know what does.  Horse and Dragon Brewery will be 4 years old on May 1st.  I still remember the first time I saw a Horse and Dragon tee shirt and I still remember the first time I sipped on a Sad Panda.  See we are beer heads and we remember these pivotal points in beer history.  Sad Panda on its own has become a destination beer for many and is as Fort Collins as Fat Tire and Cutthroat Porter.  And if you saw their April Fools joke, honestly one that got us and truly was Claire’s favorite, you possibly had a heart attack.  They have a litany of other tasty beers but the Panda is usually what brings you to search this popular yet illusive brewery.  Josh and Titus are now taking the brewery in some new interesting directions with some fun new beers always on the horizon.  You would never notice this place just driving around town, but have to really search it out or have a friend bring you in, but trust me once you have found this place it is tough to leave.  It is located in an old airplane hangar in an interesting part of town, really the best place to figure out where to go is on the website at  

So where does the name find its origin?  It’s actually a really fun story.  Owners Carol and Tim met in school in California.  Back in the day they were in to good beer.  One day Tim came home and said he found a place that brewed their very own beer right on the premises.  It was $3 a pint, pretty pricey for the times, but it was sooo worth it.  After that the search for local beer wherever they were soon became a habit.  We can understand that as we are constantly on the lookout for different local beers.  They soon found themselves living in Asia for a decade.  Tim worked for a large beer distributor and started a little home brewing as their passion for beer grew.  After some great experiences over-seas (including adopting a stray dog off the streets) they soon found themselves back in Colorado with the hopes of opening their very own beer mecca.  Horse and Dragon is a nod at the east (dragon) and west (horse) coming together.  It fit perfectly as Tim and Carols Chinese Zodiac signs are the horse and the dragon.  It also has that kind of British pub feel to the name.

So why open a brewery in the first place?  Well why not really…  Local breweries just about anywhere are very dedicated to their community.  This was something that really spoke to Carol and Tim.  In a world where more and more people are speaking with their thumbs it’s nice to sit down with a tall cold one and talk to a stranger.  Local breweries seem to have a certain power at fostering that community feeling, even if you’re an out of towner just stopping in, odds are you will find someone at the bar willing to talk about the bubbles in front of you.