We all could learn a little from craft beer.  It has always been on of our favorite things about the craft beer world.  The way they collaborate, different breweries coming together to make a product with another of their craft.  It is a great thing to celebrate and that’s just what this festival is doing.

We were lucky enough to attend this years’ festival and were delighted at the vast number of beers available for tasting.  With over 120 beers you were sure to find some that fit your style.  One thing that really stood out to us from other festivals is the enjoyment of drinking out of glass instead of plastic (this truly does make a difference) and the easy access to food (those nacho tots were legit).

Some of pour favorites included the sour stout from Living the Dream Brewing and Hideaway Park Brewery, the milkshake IPA from Vail Brewing and Lone Pine Brewing and the British golden ale from Horse and Dragon Brewing and Ancestry Brewing.  There were so many other good ones I’m failing to list but it would just take up too much of all of our time.  From black tea and lemon peel to Peeking Duck this is truly a one of a kind beer festival.