Maxline Brewery has been open twenty short months and they are bursting at the seems.  If you haven’t been to this brewery you need to go as soon as possible.  It has quickly become one of our favorite places to visit.  And why is that? The people and the beer are both top notch.  They were going for a neighborhood pub/family room vibe and they nailed it.  The staff is always so friendly and is great at recognizing faces.  You often see the owners hanging around, even bussing a few glasses from time to time. It really makes you feel like you are having a beer at your friend’s place.  The entire crew gives back to the community by donating their time and energy to various organizations.  Good people and good beer equal good times and it is a refreshing thing to witness.

If you have been to Monday night bingo or any of the other great events they host you know its sometimes a little tough to cram all the wanting customers in.  They are about to solve that problem.  Maxline Brewery is expanding!  Memorial Day is the intended goal and from the sounds of the crew it IS going to happen.  A bigger more equipped brew house and more seating as well as some meeting space for various events is in the plan and of course a couple more places to empty yourself after a few brews.  Some canning is in the works for the future as well as more barrel aging and possibly brewery tours.  We are so excited to see what the expansion will bring.

There is just something about this place that brings you back time after time.  I’m sure it will feel like the same wonderful place just a bit larger.  As Shawn the head brewer said “Our product facilitates good time for people.”  Cheers to more good times ahead.