We have longed for Crooked Stave’s homecoming and it is now actually a thing! Crooked Stave Brewing will be coming back to Fort Collins in 2019 at The Exchange. This brewery originally brewed out of Funkwerks in 2011 and is currently in The Source in Denver.

Crooked Stave has been exploring new flavors from their onset and dove right into the sour beer world. At the time, sour beers were pretty limited and Crooked Stave was one of the first on the charts. Chad’s master’s dissertation with Brettanomyces in part leading to sour beers, which later evolved into wood aged beers. The name Crooked Stave actually comes from Crooked meaning different and Stave which are the pieces of wood used to make a barrel heart.

The brewery itself could not be more excited to return and expand in Fort Collins. Chad feels he is coming back to his roots being CSU alumni and having so much love for the city. Crooked Stave loves the vibe of the community, being able to collaborate, being located close to Old Town, being a part of the biking community, being close to other breweries and being a part of the North College transformation.

Crooked Stave will be offering all of their beers you know and love from the Denver taproom as well as vintage beers and new beers. Stay tuned to see when one of our favorite breweries opens!