Craft cocktails and spirits are on the rise in and around Northern Colorado.  More and more you see bars, distillers and others doing interesting things in the cocktail world and using more and more high quality local ingredients.  We recently met with one of the up and coming entrepreneurs in the field, Kure’s Ginger Beer.

Kure’s Ginger Beer is a new company starting up later this summer in Loveland, Colorado.  We sat down and enjoyed some of their tasty beverage and learned a little about the owner and the story behind the company.

John Kure got his start in the craft beverage world at a well-known brewery, Left Hand Brewery in Longmont.  While working there he devised a plan to start his own business.  With the local distillery and craft spirit world on the rise what better piggyback to these great companies than a craft ginger beer company.  Moscow Mules aren’t the only thing you can make with ginger beer but they are and have been a very popular drink for a long time.   Ginger beer is quite tasty all by itself (especially Kure’s) and it has little to no alcohol so it can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Kure’s uses high quality ingredients to make their unfiltered ginger beer.  It has less sugar than most other ginger beers on the market and being unfiltered gives it a unique and natural flavor that keeps your taste buds wanting more.  Don’t forget to give the can a flip or two to make sure that natural sediment gets incorporated throughout. 

Kure’s will be putting their product in cans.  This is perfect for that Colorado camping and hiking lifestyle.  They got their canning line from a brewery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by the name of Tin Roof Brewing.   The cans themselves will becoming from Ball, which Kure himself will even get to see printed here in Colorado.

The Kure’s logo and the story behind it has to be one of our favorite parts of the brand.  Front and center on the can you will see the cutest picture of a golden retriever inspired by the old family dog, Bailey.  We are total dog people and would probably purchase Kure’s just for the simple fact it has a dog on the can but once you taste it you won’t be disappointed and you will come back for more.

We are super excited to see a local ginger beer company popping up here in Northern Colorado.  Buying local is such a great way to support the community and insure your getting a great product you can trust.  Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new local company.  Baileys eyes and slightly tilted head say “hey give it a try, you wont be disappointed”.