Need a new lunch or dinner spot?  Don’t fret; Locality is the place.  Locality Kitchen and Bar has been open since October of 2016, also owned by the same owners/chef of Door 222 in downtown Loveland.  Since we have been dying to try Locality we stopped in to see our new friend Shannon behind the bar and were lucky enough to share some of the more popular cocktails served at Locality.

The spring menu has now been around for a few weeks now.  Here are a few options you can try and we that we found most enticing…

Black Walnut Manhattan

The Black Walnut is a staff and customer favorite and we quickly understood why.  It has Old Town Distilling Rye Whiskey, Dancing Pines Black Walnut Bourbon, Fee Brothers Walnut-Chocolate Bitters and sweet vermouth served in a very special glass.  This drink was extremely smooth with some delicate nuances of chocolate and a finish that brings the glass right back for another sip.  Definitely a great drink to come try out.

Cardamom Fig Martini

The Cardamom Fig Martini was another wonderful addition to days tasting.  It has House made Cardamom-Fig Spring 44 Infused Vodka and hand squeezed lemon juice.  A very light and refreshing drink with a great springtime zing that comes through very nice with the subtle fig flavor. 

Colorado Old Fashioned

The Colorado Old Fashioned was definitely Dan’s favorite drink of the day.  It has Tin Cup Whiskey, Chef Matt’s Homemade Forager Bitters and Simple Syrup and some muddled cherries and oranges.  A fun twist on an Old Fashioned, a nice orange sent on the nose followed by a subtle piney bite from the bitters helping to bring the whiskey through nicely.

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields was Claire’s favorite libation of the night with Spring 44 Honey Vodka, Lemon Juice and Strawberry Simple Syrup.  The perfect summer drink to enjoy on the porch under the hot sun.  One of those drinks that goes down a little too easy. 

All of these drinks were tasty and are worth coming back for more.  Naturally while enjoying these wonderful drinks we had to try some of the fantastic food they have to offer.  We tried both the House Sourdough and the Hazel Dell Mushrooms.  The Sourdough has been made using the same yeast from the beginning making each loaf a little different and little tastier. The beer butter on the side was a perfect match for the slightly sour bread. The Hazel Dell Mushrooms was one of the more interesting and surprising dishes we have tried in some time.  It was served with Parmesan foam and a 63-degree egg giving the yolk a custard like consistency.  The bubbles in the foam distribute the flavor evenly over the taste buds giving a very original tasting experience. We aren’t even big mushroom fans but will now have to try them more and more after trying this dish. 

If you haven’t been to Locality then we must tell you to put on the list of restaurants and put it in your rotation.  If you see Shannon tell her we say hi!