“Terrible beer can break a brewery, but good people can make a brewery.”  This is a very true statement but even truer is that good beer and good people can make a great brewery and that is exactly what Maxline has going on.  Maxline hasn’t been around yet a year but it is quickly climbing the ladder of our favorite breweries in town.

We sat down with Shawn, the head brewer of Maxline Brewery, and asked him a few questions:

Q:  Why did you choose to brew at Maxline?

A:  I spent most of my career at larger breweries and wanted to continue my career in a smaller more intimate environment.   Once I met the owners I knew they had a very similar philosophy to mine as far as brewing beer.  “Get good ingredients and get out of the way.”  I just really wanted to work for a place that was involved in the community.

Q:  How long have you been brewing?

A:  8 years.  Before coming here I brewed at Harpoon Brewing, Shipyard Brewing and Left Hand Brewing.

Q:  What sets Maxline apart from other breweries?

A:  It is tough to survive on just good beer alone.  You can get good beer at a lot of places around town.  I think what sets Maxline apart is the comfortable environment and the great people working here.  We really found the best people to do the best work possible and they really make it feel like a second home.

Q:  What was your first beer brewed and what is your favorite?

A:  My first commercial recipe was an Imperial Maple Porter when I was brewing at Harpoon Brewing.  The rest of the team was a little put off as we had to use 500 lbs of maple syrup.  My favorite beer I brewed was a Kettle Soured Berliner Weisse that was 100% Brettanomyces called Brett Your Freak On.  Kettle Sours are a lot of work and I was very pleased with the result. 

Q:  Where do you find your inspiration for the beers you brew?

A:  There are many ways to find inspiration for brewing.  I like doing Hefeweizens in the Spring as it is a great beer to drink in the hot sun and enjoy on a porch.  The Irish Red we have I have been tweaking and working on for along time and feel like I have the right recipe.  I really like brewing the standards and then adding a twist.  I actually got the inspiration for our Honey IPA after watching a documentary about bees.  We got the honey from a beekeeper in Berthoud called Beth’s Bees

Q:  What are your top three breweries to visit right other than Maxline?

A:  In no particular order my top three breweries to visit right now are:  Zwei, because they definitely have a their technique down and you always know you will get a good brew there.  The Jessup Farm Barrel House has a great atmosphere being in an old barn and they have a good selection of interesting beers.  Equinox is another great brewery where the beer is spot on and the brewers there are very friendly.  That’s something I really love about brewing in Fort Collins.  Everyone is friendly and there is a cooperative feeling where breweries collaborate with each other. 

If you haven’t been to Maxline yet you should get over there as soon as possible.  In a land of great beer it really sticks out as one of the best up and coming breweries here in Fort Collins.  They brew what people around here really enjoy drinking and they really listen to the customer.  So stop by and maybe you will see us around enjoying a tasty cold brew at one of our new homes away form home.