I am just going to come right out and say it… we found one of our new favorite spots in town.  Elevation 5003 has a great drink selection featuring spirits all made in house.  Loren Matthews owns and operates this little Fort Collins treasure and said making things you love is the key.  Loren has a background in the brewing industry so was naturally lured away towards the wonderful world of distilling.   The distillery celebrated their one-year anniversary in February.  Wondering where the name of the distillery comes from?  It is the actual elevation of the distillery!

The staple spirits include: Narrow Road Vodka, Lunarshine Corn Whiskey, Timber Ridge Gin, Franklin Coffee Liqueur, and Falernum Liqueur.  All of these are available by bottle to take home and in the variety of tasty cocktails provided.  We tried a little of all and were surprised at how smooth and wonderful each sip was.  We asked Loren where the names come from for all of these beautiful libations.  Narrow Road Vodka stems from Loren and her husband’s love of biking and the excitement and adventure an unexplored narrow road may hold.  Lunarshine Corn Whiskey is a clever spin on the classic moonshine of yesteryear.  Timber Ridge is where a fair amount of juniper berries grow so that was an obvious fit for the gin.  The Franklin Coffee Liqueur is one of my favorite stories.  It is named after the one and only Benjamin Franklin who was a little known coffee connoisseur in his day.  The Falernum isn’t really a special name but it is a special drink and one of our favorites (we had to leave with a bottle).  Falernum is a Caribbean style liqueur made with almond, ginger, clove, allspice and lime.  We were so amazed by the sweet and smooth taste of this island elixir. 

The craft spirits movement is an exciting frontier to explore and we are glad Elevation 5003 was one of our stops along the way.  Stop by and you may see us there enjoying some of our favorite cocktails in town.  Loren was kind enough to share the recipe for one of our favorites!


1.5 oz Timber Ridge Gin

¾ oz Blackberry Shrub

¾ oz Ginger Shrub

Top with Ginger Beer

Garnish with blackberry and a lime wedge