As I sit here drinking this Beet Saison I am reminded what it takes to brew great beer…great people and great ingredients.  We went out to meet the owners and operators of Soul Squared Brewery this week and asked them some questions about their beer, their farm and the beautiful relationship between the two.

Soul Squared comes from the simple but wonderful idea of two best friends putting their heart and soul into making great beer.  They are currently brewing on what was once a one hundred year old free-range turkey farm and is now a full working farm with chickens, pigs, fresh veggies and the like that are often used in the beers they brew, (not the pigs and chickens).  The brewery focuses heavily on keeping the ingredients as local as possible growing some of their very own hops and some vegetables used in their beers as well as Troubadour Malts, a local malt supplier here in Fort Collins.  Their flagship beers include The India Brown Ale, Extra Pail Ale and the Belgian Blonde Ale (one of my all time favorites).  They have seasonal beers and small batch beers so keep an eye out.  You can find some of these fabulous beers at Wilbur’s and Cantina in Wellington. 

One of the coolest things we found that the brewery does is a CSA program.  It’s the perfect way for a farm/brewery to get their beers into the hands of loving beer fans.  You can sign up for a half share or a full share for six months.  A half share gets you six bombers a month and a full share gets you twelve bombers a month, each month being a new and exciting beer.   After purchasing the CSA you can pick up your beers on the second Saturday of every month from 10am-2pm on the farm or you can set it up to have Craft Beer Cellar on Mason hold them for pickup.  We recommend going to see them at the farm, we had a great time in their cozy tap house.  You can buy extra beers while at the farm and receive tasting notes and food pairing ideas. You can jump in on the CSA at any time but may have to accept another beer form their wonderful collection to catch up.   You can check out more information at

Just for fun we asked our new friends what their favorite three breweries to visit would be.  After a bit of a discussion (as there are a number of good breweries around Fort Collins) Zwei, Equinox and Cooper Smiths made the top three.  Zwei beers are always crisp and on point, Equinox has a great porch for drinking a tasty beer and enjoying some tasty live music and Copper Smiths Hop Father is a favorite around the farm.

You can find Soul Squared beers in Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, Steamboat and here in Fort Collins.  Keep your eyes open for Soul Squared the next time you head out to grab a few beers, you will not be disappointed.   Thank you to our new friends at Soul Squared for sharing their delicious beers and the great conversation.