126 W Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO (in Old Town close to Snooze)


The churros are absolutely delicious and go well with the chicken and fries providing the perfect harmony of sweet and salty.  We really liked all the different choices of homemade dips ranging from thai to the house sauce.  This restaurant also has a great atmosphere for a quick informal meal and a good beer selection.  The soda is not your typical Pepsi or Coke but is an organic specialty soda with cane sugar.  Lots of seating, which is great even for their busiest times.


On Yelp we had seen people complain about prices but thought they were pretty decent for what you get.  Depending on when you go, parking can also be an issue but the upside is is the garage is right behind the location.

Kid friendly: This is a great environment for kids! Good food choices for children and seating for them.